Jalapeno Brined Whole Wings

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Jan 14, 2014
This past weekend I took the liquid from a jar of pickled Jalapeños and brined some whole wings. It gave the wings a nice kick. I watch a video of someone bringing with pickle juice so I thought Im always making spicy wings so why not use Jalapeño liquid. 

Not sure if its been done many of times and Im just late learning this but I will be bringing chicken in Jalapeño liquid many more times. 

I also made a batch of my bbq sauce and instead of using regular ketchup I used Jalapeño Ketchup and that added another layer of Jalapeño flavor. If I would of had some Jalapeño powder I would of added that to my favorite chicken rub. But it was a some good wings and wanted to share my video.

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Interesting idea.  Thanks for the post!

I haven't tried pickle juice, but I do like to marinate wings in Italian dressing. It seems the vinegar does something beneficial to them as they retain moisture very well. 
Your wings looks fantastic!

Your video was great too.

However we don't allow YouTube links on here, so I embeded the video in your post.

Look at the information in the red "Chicken Wings" rectangle at the 0:12 mark:  these have already been injected with broth, salt, and "natural flavorings"--whatever those may be.  Brining these already brined birds doesn't do much:  for this to be effective, fresh birds which haven't already been pumped full of solution are needed.
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