Jake's Beans

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I bet those are good. My favorite sweet heat combo is probably strawberry+roasted green chiles (like NM/Hatch chile) or NM red chiles, but to be honest I like just about everything (lol). I am not crazy about chipotles but do really like them with fruit, whether pineapple like al pastor or that Blue's Hog Raspberry Chipotle sauce. and the floral flavor of habanero works with about any fruit IMO.

after making a peach BBQ sauce the other day, i really wanna try playing around with nectarines
Enough is enough I also belong to a group it's called the staff of SMF and we as a group are sick and tired of the bickering.
It seems to go both ways between a couple groups and I and others have seen both groups start it.
My group says "If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing"
Consider this a warning to all who violate the above I don't care who you are, what friends you have, or anything else if you start the bickering or post crap in someone's thread you will be getting a vacation from SMF and if it continues to happen your vacations will get longer until you just stay on vacation forever.
mike243 mike243 so how did they come out ?

Once you get used to them, which doesn't take long, the stuff with loads of sugar and calories becomes just about undrinkable.
Yup . I was drinking tart cherry juice for gout I had in my foot . Got hooked on it over the OS stuff , but I agree on the loaded with sugar . Everything taste sweet after drinking the tart cherry , Lol .
It turned out really good, had some folks refused to try them because of the fruit but that's ok too,
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It turned out really good, had some folks refused to try them because of the fruit but that's ok too,
I'd just smile and try not to laugh at the idea of being afraid of food; Maybe keep an extra can of old familiar Bush's, extra ketchup & mustard
Sorry fellas. Me, Emily and my younger brother have been down with covid the last 2 weeks. They recovered pretty quick but I've had some lingering effects. Bad cough stuff like that. I'm on the mend and will be back to posting again soon. Hope everyone enjoys those beans mike243 mike243 you gonna use the sausage in place of the bacon?View attachment 498217View attachment 498218
TNJAKE TNJAKE are you still dealing with Covid?
TNJAKE TNJAKE are you still dealing with Covid?
I'm not sure what's happened to Jake. He's taken down his avatar and quit posting. I've reached out to him through a PM, but haven't gotten a reply.

I surely hope that they are well and not dealing with COVID anymore. Maybe someone like mike243 mike243 or tx smoker tx smoker has a number to call him and check on him. I believe that both of these guys were at Jake's Tennessee get together.
I am poor but i like hijacking lol i put this in The Tn forum so the local peeps could talk a bit, I never stay on topic and have derailed more threads than I care to admit, never meant any harm on any of them , glad jake and family are doing better.
You and me both Mike, I blame it on being A.D.D. I swear it just happens mainly late at night when I can't sleep, which is always. The last time I slept more than 6 hrs straight, I had the Covid plague. I normally sleep 2 to 4 hours a few times a week, with a few 1 hour naps thrown in there watching the boob tube.

See I just did it again, sorry......LMAO!!!

Where are you, TNJAKE TNJAKE ? I miss your humor, don't let a few angry old grumps bring you down.
(I was being nice there).🖕🤪😂

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