Is Smokin in the Snow kinda like Singin in the Rain

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Sep 26, 2006
Smokin' and Thawin @ the same time. Cold snow, hot butts, and cold beer. Smells like a good time. Butts are always better eatin when cooked in the snow.

Sorry the TBS doesn't show in the pic.

Season's Greetings, and Good Smokin',
Yes it can be like singing in the rain except usually at a slightly higher pitch.

Looks like to smoker is missing a bit of meat in there.

Do you find it harder or easier to maintain temperature in the Winter or the summer
I Sorta miss the snow, I always thought it was a pretty good time to smoke
Stayin' up to temp isn't a problem in the winter. I can take her up to 550*, not that I do.

Staying w/ it in the summer when outdoor temp is already 105* is the tough part. I imagine the temp around it probably gets up around 125* conservitavely.
I will be smoking three large Butts tonight here in Sunny Fla. When I planned this smoke for the family, I did not know it was going to be 25 degrees out tonight!! I normally smoke for about 12 plus hours, but because of the cold I will be planning on at least 16 plus. I have never had to smoke in this kind of cold before, so I am curious how it will turn out. 8) -Damian
Where abouts in Fla.? I was born in Tallahassee, went to school in Venice, and have family in Pembrooke Pines and Davie.

Tip on smokin in the cold, especially using anything other than a woodburner (which I assume you are being as you're doing an overnight).

Go light on the woodsmoke for the overnight. If your temp drops much below 225*, you'll get alot more creosote plate on your meat than what you want. Put the woodsmoke to it before you go to bed, and add more in the A.M. if you want.

Good luck, and Good Butt Handlin',
Tim, I'd much rather smoke in the snow than in the rain. We have had several "No Burn" days here due to the inversion. Since they restrict the use of wood burning stoves and fireplaces during times like this, I put my GOSM in that category too since wood is being used for flavor. I could just use the GOSM without wood but then it wouldn't be 'Que.

Smokinggator- Welcome to SMF; please take a few moments and introduce yourself in "Roll Call". Tell us a little about you and what kind of smoker you use. Thanks
Hey Dutch! Where ya been buddy?

Ya know if you had a Cookshack unit, you could be smokin' away because they're sealed units. That sounds like pretty good justification for spending $900 + S&H to me. How 'bout you? And after all it is Christmas time anyway isn't it?

Season's Greetings All,
Hey Tim! Been busy burning up some vacation time! Redone the front porch and doing odd jobs for my Mom. I'll be on vacation again next week but I'll try to drop in and see how things are going.
I hope they lift the "No Burn" restriction the first of next week so I can get my packer brisket into the smoker.

Some days I wish I had a Cookshack, but Mrs. Dutch keeps reminding me that I need to save my change if I want a new windshield for my Belair :? :? :roll:
Hey All, I just posted info on me on the roll call section. D, thanks for the tips. I am in Ocala, Fla. My wife's sister lives in Pem. Pines.. Anyway, here is a picture of the butts I am doing tonight. two 8.5# and one 9# . I am putting them on at 12:00 am and planing to take them off about 4:00 tommorow. I am a fat side up and wrap at 165(ish) guy. I have considered changing my method, but I like the way they come out. Can't wait to taste it.



Tim, It's a 1955 4dr sedan. I have a couple of pictures in the Dutch's New Ride topic in the Messages for All Guests and Members Forum.
Hey, Everyone!

You are all making me jealous. I have plenty of snow to smoke in but am on call 24/7 to push it out of the way.

When I pull the plug in a couple of years I will be tending smoke year 'round with a fine single malt in hand. Till then the smoker rests in the shed when the white stuff flies.

I have noticed that as the ambient temperature has fallen my GOSM was easier to control for temp. So much for that.

Happy holidays to all my smokin' friends!
Gator- I see mustard on 1, what's happening on the other 2?

Dutch- The Belair looks clean as a whistle! What I can't believe is that the garage is cleaner than that. How do you accomplish that?

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