Is fiberglass rope ok for sealing a smoker door?

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  1. Im building a smoker and Im wanting to put a gasket between the smoker and door. I found some fiberglass rope gasket. Im wondering of that is safe to use??? My stainless propane smoker has some rubber gasket material to seal the door. Anyone know where a person could find some of that??
  2. ak1

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    The rope gasket is fine, what the issue is, is find a way to attach it securely, that will last.
  3. bignick

    bignick Meat Mopper

    I agree...I tried to use this, but the glue that came with it didn't hold after a few long smokes. Maybe I didn't use enough? It also streaked as it melted and I now have ugly white streaks running down my smoker :(

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