Smoker Door Still Leaking Smoke

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Original poster
Nov 24, 2023
After several years of my smoker leaking, I decided to replace the gaskets on the door and firebox. I ordered new gaskets from Sweet Swine o' Mine and they were exactly what I needed.
Replaced both gaskets and the firebox door is no longer leaking smoke, however the smoker door is another issue. It is still leaking smoke on the leading edge, mainly at the bottom 1/3 of the door. It appears the door is warped, inside of the door is a steel plate that is either 1/8" or 3/16" thick attached with self tapping screws. You can see the gap in the picture.
With the door the size it is and the thickness of the plate inside, I do not think the door can be adjusted to close this gap. I'm thinking of installing two latches like in the picture to correct this and seal the door. By using adjustable latches I can make the bottom latch tighter than the upper one.
Any thoughts, suggestions and or ideas on how to resolve this leaking door issue?
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