Introducing the smoked pulled pork pasty pie! Lots oh pics!

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Jan 27, 2015
Wow! That is incredible!!!! What an awesome meal! Mega Points for those beautiful pictures and incredible cook! So tasty looking, definitely on my list!
Many thanks JW! Being a first try had to document it well. It was really pretty easy to do and not something you see.... with the sweet chips it has a Cuban hint to it!
If I ever get hit in head with a rock and can only remember how to say two words, I hope those words are meat and pie.

That meat pie looks absolutely amazing.
Sven, that is some funny stuff! Meat Pie is a thing! And thanks!
Absolutely incredible. A truly creative meal and one can only think it was outstanding flavorwise. I know I'd be all over it, that's for sure. Excellent entry and mucho points for creativity...and cheese of course :emoji_wink:

You're preaching to the choir right here my friend :emoji_laughing:

Congrats to all three WINNERS of the throwdown!!
Thanks Robert! I had many ideas floating around he wanted to attempt something that did take 2 days to do..... in the end this came together as I was thawing the pasty....then the light went on and bam it was born!
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