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larry maddock

Master of the Pit
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Sep 27, 2005
hello all,
if i was to build a vertical smoker box,
with metal from junk washing machine.
maybe 30inch high
15" wide
15" deep

i will heat with electric burner.
i have 1000w from wally world.

what could i insulate it with??

what do kitchen stoves insulate with??
i can say i have never taken apart an oven. i guess im going to have too no so i can see. i just figured it was like a more solid form of insulation you put in your walls.

i figure a good thing to use would be whatever material they use in firefighter clothing. its think and keep the fire from heating them up too much.

im actually getting ready to get some fire bricks to line my firebox for excellent heat rentention. you may line yours around the bottom and up the sides a little, im sure that would keep better heat.

i heard a rumor the goat cheese works well.
i was just thinking air is an excellent insulater. if you could build a box within your smoker, you know maybe .5-1 in in and later you could always find someting to fill the gap.

and on that note you could get that expanding foam to filll in the gap. it should take but one can of that stuff to fill the area.
All the ovens I ever tore apart had a fiberglass insulation between the oven walls and the exterior of the oven. It is a non backed insulation. (no paper or foil backing). I would be kind of leary of the expanding foam as I think it may put off a chemical smell when heated.
Hey Larry, was thinking of doing the same thing with my custom Weber.
What came to mind was automotive heat/sound barrier. You can find it at JCWhitney at a reasonable price. It is pliable, easy to work and can withstand high temperatures. I would not use fiberglass insulation because as it 'ages' it gets brittle and falls apart. (Not good eats).
Check it out.

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