Im hooked...

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 7, 2014
I just got in to smoking and I find myself on this site just learning as much as I can and wow there is a lot to take in! First lesson learned, not the cheapest hobby, I just ordered the maverick wireless probe, a jerky gun, and q matz for all of my racks. I am going to try my first pulled pork this weekend and am very excited to make it for friends. I find myself staying awake at night thinking what should I smoke next? And nothing puts a smile on my face more than picking up an old shirt and it still smells like hickory smoke. I am addicted but I dont want help quitting!
I've been smoking most of my adult life and have been making sausage since I was a preteen way back in the late 70s...  It does get into your blood.

One of the MANY great things about this madness is that there are really a LOT of different things to do, ways to smoke, ways to cure, and the experimentation is a LOT of fun as well!

As for the expense, yeah, up front it can get expensive if you choose to make it so, but keep in mind, LOTS of really good Q was cooked well before digital thermometers, electronic smokers, and digital controllers.  I play with most all of them and still, 30 years on, I love firing up or plugging in a pit and cooking for friends!

You've only just begun to experience the pleasure and fun!  ENJOY!!!

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