I'm calling you out Todd

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Original poster
Dec 18, 2012
Schaumburg Illinois
So I hear over Christmas you and my wife have been exchanging emails.  I come to find out you two have been conspiring together too.  I found out about you guys on Christmas morning of all days!  I just have one thing to say to you.  You guys keep on conspiring with each other...cause you guys made this Christmas AWESOME!

I wish I could have posted something earlier, but the last few weeks have been crazy as hell.  But I couldn't go too much longer before saying something.  

So as an early gift, the wife bought me a new 40" MES 20070311 smoker to replace my old analog 30 inch.  Since it was delivered early, and I was the first one home, the surprise was ruined.  Since she is a firm believer that everyone should have something to open Christmas morning, and since I rave so much about Todd's awesome products and service, she contacted him to help me accessorize my new toy.  

She asked Todd for some ideas, and they settled on the Maverick ET-732...which I have been eyeing forever.  Then Todd decided to have some fun with me, and buried it in a box full of pellets.  So when I opened the box, it looked like her gift was a box of pellets, which honestly would have been cool.  More pellets means more smoking, right?  

On top of the pellets, there were some Q-Matz too!  I love making salmon, and the Q-Matz were another toy I have been eyeballing.  If she didn't tell me there was more, besides the pellets and matz, I wouldn't have dug through the box and found the Maverick.  Good one Todd.

I gotta say, this is another prime example of why Todd is such a great person to work with.  His products are top notch, and he treats his customers like they are people and not just walking wallets.  There are a lot of businesses out there that could learn a lesson from him.

Me and my wife want to thank you for an awesome Christmas.  

Thats awesome.

He is a great guy thats for sure.
Without question, Todd is a keeper. I have always received the very best in service and products......

Now, if we could just get him to extend his date on the Year End Sale...........lol

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