I'm an unknown quantity at this point

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Jun 7, 2006
Valley Forge, PA
What is this??? I saw a little rectangular box below where my number of posts are listed and it states the above. Anyone know what this is????
Not sure Shell but I think Illini is the only known here.

All the newbies have a green square too.
Don't really understand what is going on but think it probably won't fly

Just ignore it.....and ME too
Sounds like I'm on the road to somewhere....anyone got and Idea where???

Purely unintentional on my part
When I activated this feature, I set it to start new members off with something above 0 however this does not affect the previous members. The best advice I can give is to start voting.. any posts that are really good, give them your vote.

We may work this into a contest later.
Ok Debbie you are on the road to who knows where.
I voted for ya and now you have a point too.

I logged off then on you have a green square but no on the road thingy
got me but don't think its working very well

Well it looks like the vote thing isn't working. I keep voting and were all still just a bunch of Zeros! Maybe we need instructions on this blue spot thing!

All I know is if I have to start trying to sound intellegent and clever in my posts to gain points.....I'm in a **** load of trouble.
gripe gripe gripe

Squeaky wheels get the grease, right?

I have further developed this option to make sure that everyone has some reputation based on number of posts and then from here on out it will also be based on votes from other members not for being popular but for being particularly helpful.

It is just something fun to try.. if we get a ways down the road and you guys are not liking it then I will shut the thing down.

Post any problems here and I will look into it.
YIPPIE, YAHOO, and HOORAY!!!!!!!! I'm on the road to somewhere
As Sally Field said in her 1985 oscar acceptance speech " You Like ME....You Really Really Like Me....lol
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