If anyone has an idea it would be appreciated

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Jul 15, 2022
Brandon, Mississippi
Well at the risk of this going south fast lol, my wife is very picky about the sausage she will eat. She likes conucha county original sausage a lot, so I tried to make my own version based off guessing from tasting. Although I made what I thought was a delicious sausage she was not as thrilled. Being new to making my own sausage this was my first time deviating from a recipe. Anyone know of a recipe that taste like Conucha county original? Here is what I made and I thought it was great. Cold smoked for 7 hours and then I cooked a few. Delicious. Does not taste at all like a breakfast sausage just a great smoked sausage with some nice afterburner! Oh well more for me. I had made some homade Banh Mi rolls and New Orleans French bread and with some homemade olive oil Mayo it was mighty tasty!

  • Conucha attempt
2305 grams pork from picnic shoulder

2305 grams

Smoked sausage



  • 1152.5 g lean pork
  • 461 g lean beef
  • 691.5 g pork back fat
  • 37 g kosher salt 1.6%
  • 6 g insta cure #1 .26%
  • 7 g black pepper .3%
  • 12 g garlic powder. .5%
  • 4 g onion powder ..17%
  • 3 g sage .13%
  • 2g sugar .08%
  • 6 g chipotle powder .25% or 3 grams cayenne pepper .13$
  • 6 g Paprika ..26%
  • 14 g mustard seed .6%
  • 6 g .26% red pepper flakes
  • 47 g 2% nonfat dry milk powder
  • 30 mil maple syrup 1.3%
  • 34 mil Apple juice 1.5%
  • 104 ml ice cold cream 4.5%


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Good looking sausage. Shame she doesn’t like it.

There’s a Connecuh clone recipe here somewhere. Hope you find what you’re looking for.

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Your recipe sounds interesting, I've never had the Connecuh sausage so I can't comment on the recipe, but I bet it was good.
I'm a little confused though, you state 2.3 kg of meat but the recipe seems to be for 1 kg. Your cure amount is not enough to make the 2.3 kg safe. It would be perfect for 1 kg.
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