I wantED to smoke a pot roast....Update: I finally got around to it today!

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Original poster
Jul 24, 2016
Milton, FL
For lack of a better term, I'll call it a pot roast anyway....

Basically, I'm just looking to venture into something I haven't done before, and figured why not a roast? I haven't picked out my cut or anything yet, I'll need to do that on my way home from work. So, any advice on temps, rubs, woods, cuts, etc.? 


Chuck roasts are perfect for the smoker. Season it as you would any other roast and stick it in the smoker around 225-250. Let it go in the smoke for several hours, or until you get to about 145-150 IT. Then, pan it up with some broth, onions, carrots, potatoes, and celery. Cover with foil and cook it until the taters and carrots are done.

Hickory smoke it nice for this too.

I'm sure some other ideas will come along soon.
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Well now I'm hungry and have 3 hours of work to go. 
Fareway has arm roast on sale for 2.99lb if you got one close, not sure where they all are. Wife brought me 2 home to smoke today.
Well, I didn't get to my chuckie today, I may or may not have over indulged last night this inhibiting my smoking powers.....lucky for me, I am off tomorrow, so they are in the fridge prepping as I type this, I am looking forward to the finished product tomorrow night. Hopefully I don't get so into it that I forget to take pics, because somehow I usually end up doing that....
Ok so I finally got around to smoking the chuckie, actually two of them, today.

For the most part I used Dan's step by step as a general guideline and went from there.

For roast #1 I wrapped it in plastic overnight with a simple mixture of Worcestershire sauce, garlic salt, and pepper.

For #2 I simply wrapped it after I coated it in some Heinz Tangy Carolina BBQ sauce.

This morning, I preheated my Smoke Vault to 225 while the roasts rested at room temperature.

Around 0900 I put both roasts in the smoker.

I loaded the smoker with hickory chunks, and off we went. I let the roasts take smoke until 3:00PM, when they hit 160 and then wrapped with foil.
In the foil I added some more Worcestershire sauce mix to #1 and more BBQ sauce to #2.

Once in the foil, these guys warmed up REALLY quick, by 5:00 they were up to 200. My smoker holds heat fairly well, so at that point I just shut down the smoker to let the roasts rest until 6:00.

From there: I pulled, and served with my wife's awesome loaded potato casserole and green beans.

I apologize for my brevity or lack of formatting. This is my first Q-View and step by step (kind of).

Thanks to Dan, Bear, and everyone else for your input. It was a huge help.
Yeah... It looks like it turned out really nice..... I am now officially more hungry....... again.... Good job....
Looks Great Bigdaddo!!

Nice Job!

Glad you liked my Step by Step!!

Loved the step by step!

I wish I could get as in depth as y'all on the step by step. Maybe that will come with time.

I passed samples around work today, now everybody wants some; so I am very happy with how it turned out.
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