I FINALLY got a Chuckie right!

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Original poster
Feb 21, 2020
Hot Springs Village, AR
I'm fairly good with BBQ, normally I run pork (shoulder, babyback ribs) and/or chicken thighs (cupcake style.) My GF loves brisket, and lately I've gotten decent results with brisket flats. But chuck roast has been my nemesis. Always tough, chewy, dried out. I've tried different temps, injections, etc. but they just simply were bad. I had given up on chuck roasts being anything but pot roasts.

Then a few months back, Costco opened a store in Arkansas and I discovered American Wagyu. I made an impulse purchase: a 4.5 lb Wagyu chuch roast. I vacuum sealed it and froze it until this weekend, when I decided to try one final time to smoke a chuck roast. I slow thawed it in the refrigerator for two days; last night I put some salt on the roast then let is sit in the fridge overnight. I hoped the salt would bind and retain moisture in the meat.

This morning I applied a light slather of mustard to the roast, then applied my beef rub (a modified dalmation rub) and let it rest. I smoked it in a Weber WSM using KBB charcoal and a stick (3"x3"x12") of local white oak for flavor. I left it open to smoke for 4 hours then wrapped.


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After wrapping tightly in two layers of foil, I let it run until it hit an IT of 200 degrees. I pulled the roast from the smoker and let it rest (towel wrapped) in a cooler for 2 hours. I didn't know what to expect; worst case the GF and I would go out to eat. But while the roast rested, I fired up my Akorn grill and grilled up corn on the cob, Italian veggies and toasted a couple of pieces of naan bread.

Then the moment of truth... and OMG, it was tender and moist! It sliced perfectly, with the texture of a buttery brisket. The GF loved it!


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looks great, juicy and the finished plate
No wonder the GF was happy

Glad you tried it again, so you think it was because it was Wagyu, meaning more internal fat content ?

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