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  1. OK, so I got a propane smoker for Xmas.  I am going to try and "season" it next week when I have a few days off and have had a chance to read the Ecourse from Jeff.  My question is really very simple, for a total newbie, what is a good place to start out with minimal amount of failure?  Tri tip?  Ribs?  Chicken?  I am not a cook, nor am I even a decent BBQ guy.  LOL, but I want to get started and looking for suggestions.  

    Thanks all, any info is good info. 

    Dino AKA RedRocker65200
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    When ya get the chance to try your new smoker, if your just starting out... I'd go with some chicken, whole or some thighs/drums.... A pork butt is not a bad way to go either for pulled pork & a butt is pretty forgiving if ya get a few temp swings... If ya have a bit of extra grate space, I'd toss on some ABT's too for an appetizer.... They are awesome !

    If ya don't have one yet, make sure to get an accurate thermometer as well, like a Maverik ET-732 or something similar to that... Most stock therms on smokers are well known for being off, some are way off !

    Let us know if we can be of any more help or if ya have questions along the way, just ask !
  3. waterinholebrew

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    Also, if ya can tell us the exact smoker ya have, that would be helpful too... I don't have a propane smoker myself but a lot of folks on here do & if they know which one you have, it will help them help you that much more...
  4. Thanks for the info, I will see what I can do.  I have a Smoke Vault 18.  And when you say a good thermo, do you mean one that is going to measure the inside box temp, or one for the meat temp?  My wife uses a digital for measuring meat temps, but not sure if I need another one to just set in the box to keep an eye on that as well.  I will look up the one you suggested.  

    Thanks again, any info is good info.  

  5. waterinholebrew

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    Yea, that Maverik is a dual probe therm so ya can measure meat IT as well as smoker chamber temp ! I have the 732 & it's worked great for a few years now... I know there is now a 733 & 735 model but I've not used either of them.
  6. Hi,  Welcome to the asylum!

    First thing I would do is  the "Needle Valve Mod".  This will give you much better control over your temperatures.  Just do a search fro needle valve mod, you can get what you need from these folks:

    http://www.bayouclassicstore.com/   Not affiliated, just a satisfied customer.  As stated before, a dual probe digital thermometer will be indispensable.  Hope this helps, and can't wait to see some pics!
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    Any of the meats you have suggested would be fine for a first smoke. I'd reserve the ribs for a second or third smoke though.

    As mentioned a good therm is important. The stock therms in the doors are quite often off by 20-30 degrees. Personally I use the iGrill2 four probe. it's also important to test your remote digital probes to make sure that they are accurate.

    As mentioned a needle valve may be needed. I wouldn't worry about that just yet. Get to know your smoker and how it runs first. Then make mods to it. I know someone with your exact smoker and they haven't made any mods and it works great for them. The needle valve really helps if you are looking to use your smoker at low temps, below 200.

    Look into an getting an AMNTS tube smoker from Amaze N Smokers. It's the best way to produce consistent smoke in a propane smoker. Hey have a new expandable tube that is pretty slick.

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