Binder ideas for dino bone ribs?

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Jan 18, 2020
I'm gearing up to smoke some dino bones for my sister and she won't touch hot sauce so I can't use it as a binder.
Oil is out as it blocks smoke so that leaves me with water (not IMHO the best choice), mayo, mustard or nothing at all other than meat juices and what else?
I am a fan of binders and in this case I'm using tons of #16 black pepper and kosher salt, so I want it to stick tight.
Any creative ideas that have worked for you?
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Boys have ya covered on binders. Heads up, if Sis not liking hot sauce doubt she'll like all that BP either. I ran dinos and did equal parts SPG on oak. My family (wife and 2 girls) said do not change ANYTHING and I agreed. I added a few shots of Frank's to mine on the plate but it was seriously about perfect as is.
I've always done the hot sauce thing, just because of the Franklin influence. I've seen people just straight up use water. I love mustard on pork. I've done it on beef too and not really tasted it at all at the end. Worcestershire is a great option, maybe mixed with some water or apple cider vinegar. You get some umami from it, probably. I agree with staying away from the oil based stuff.
Have you tried the new "W" Sauce?
I did a couple of weeks ago and an hooked!! Most ACE stores carry it in GA.

Don't need to use a binder at all... but I'm with the others...if they don't like spicy lots of black pepper won't be appreciated.
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