I think I got one right.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by propjob, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Trying to master the reverse sear, but I haven't had many chances to practice. Today gave me a chance, and it seems to have worked out. Now, if my pattern holds, the next one will get screwed up.

  2. About an hour in the smoker at 175 with half and half mesquite and JD oak. From there to a 550 infrared grill.
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    It sure looks good!!

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    Only problem I see if I didn't get any....... methinks you're on the right track.
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    I will be following this. I have tried a reverse sear once and wasn't pleased. I want to get a better handle on it because It will open up a whole new method.

    Thanks everyone, Joe
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    That steak looks outstanding propjob...nicely done!  

    You can take all the guesswork out with a reliable instant read meat thermometer.  Cook/smoke until the internal temperature of the steak is within about 10-15* of your target doneness, then do your sear.  Then, during a short rest, the meat will coast up another 5 to 10 degrees  in internal temp.  Here's a rough guide on steak doneness:

    If you follow the guide and trust your thermometer, you should get the same result every time.

    Hope that helps...

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  7. I would say you nailed that one

    Nice job
  8. Thanks everyone. It got the seal of approval from the wife, so yay me.

    These were NY Strip, and one thing that I will be watching next time is making sure the steaks are better matched - same thickness, same weight, similar amount of marbling. One of the three was a bit more done than we prefer. Naturally, the one in the photo was the best of the bunch. :)
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    Those look good and the approval seal from the wife is important because that means you now get to try something new. :sausage:
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    Fine looking steak to me.

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    Those look great,another great cut for a R/S is Tri tip if you can find them.

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