I ordered a new toy today

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Dec 25, 2010
I got a MTN stuffer off ebay today


Snack sticks are a big hit around my house and i wanted to start stuffing them. Using a jerky gun to pump out 5 pounds was taking forever so i decided to invest in a stuffer. Seems like it opens the door for many new things to try also. I decided to go with the MTN because of the capacity. Hopefully it works out well and i can start pumping out the sticks!

Anyone have one of these models?

You beat me to it Paul. I was gonna say that they were on sale. Man thoses stuffers and really expensive too. I hope that you like it.
Yeah it was a bit more then the other stuffers I looked at. I'm not questioning the durability of the models you suggested but it seems whenever I buy the cheapest or buy the best deal available it never seems to work out good for me. It came down to the LEM 5 pounder and this one. I decided on the more expensive one hoping its the only one I'll ever have to buy.
if you look the one you bought is made by weston

i have a 11# weston it looks to be the same thing

so good luck
First time using the stuffer. I didnt realize how big they were going to be and thought 4 pounds of meat would make a lot more. I also didnt have the right size tube. I had to unravel the casing and slide it back on the tube little by little. Placing the order for the right size now. They came out alright....not as pretty as some i've seen on here. Hopefully they taste good. I used the Hi Mountain hickory seasoning.

HI mountain hickory is one of my favorites! Sticks are kinda tricky...its a feel thing to know if ya have em stuffed too much,not enough but you'll get the hang of it in no time! Your sticks look pretty good to me! Just make sure ya put some picts up of the finished sticks!!!! we love the qview!
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