I need some advice from someone that knows what I can do with these lemons and oranges…….

Discussion in 'Canning' started by shoneyboy, Nov 22, 2012.

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    I have several citrus trees on my property, I am amazed about the amount of fruit they produced this year[​IMG]. I have a Meyer lemon tree that must have at least 150 lemons the size of a baseball or larger left on it... I also have 3 different orange trees that are doing very well too…. I have been given away as much as I can, but I still have a lot of fruit left that I hate to see go to waste[​IMG]….So what I stated doing is freezing the juice in cubes, in an ice tray….. It not hard, but I’m running out of time and need a way do something with more of the fruit at a time…..What I’m asking is, can I jar it? My thought is, to juice them, put the juice in clean sterilized Mason jar, then water bath it to kill any residual bacteria and seal the jar for later use…..Will this work or am I just wasting my time? Here are some pictures of just a few of the trees.....When I planted them, I never thought they would make this much fruit...[​IMG]....The pictures really don't do them justice, there is a ton of fruit on these trees still....Last year I put orange juice in quart bags, then froze it, but it took up a lot of room in my freezer and I don't have the extra space this year....I put up 9 gallons of juice then... I know that I can buy juice, I just hate to see it go to waste if it can be used for something........Thanks ShoneyBoy

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    Beautiful trees!
  5. Beautiful trees...too bad we're not neighbors I'd take some off your hands!

    I'd try the salted lemons and also the marmalade (good stuff in lots of dishes)!
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    Limoncello or Orangecello ! ! !

    Ton's of recipes on the web. We have a friend that makes limoncello and it is just great.
  7. I have two Myer lemon tree that have in the past month ripened a large quantity of fruit. I have had offers from some of the local small grocery stores to sell them some.
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    Make lemon curd with the yellow ones and marmalade with the orange ones. :sausage:
  9. I'd be inclined to dry preserve some the peel as described here in addition to other options you might be considering. And set a little the lemon juice aside in some fashion for cleaning purposes. My mother used to make orange marmalade. If we were a little closer, I'd send you a friend's way that has a jam and jelly business that might be able to make use of them.  

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  12. Sounds great except all the recipes call for Everclear 151 proof. You can't get it here in California and Nevada only sells Everclear 100 proof. I have one of  last bottles of EC 151 around but my wife has annexed it as part of her "around the world liquor collection".
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    In the Ball Blue Book they have a pineapple orange carrot marmalade that is absolutely to die for. send me a p.m. if you want me to send you a copy.
  14. http://www.food.com/recipe/carrot-pineapple-orange-marmalade-464203

    This is a wonderful marmalade recipe from Ball's 2010 Blue Book Guide to Preserving. which was their 100th anniversary edition. It adds a new twist to regular orange marmalade

  15. What a terrible problem to have....too much citrus....lucky you! :biggrin:

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    + 1.  I have tried 2 Meyer lemon trees and both died on me. Admittedly, I don't live in the best place to grow them, but they were indoors most of the time.
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    Never thought about that. We have the 190 proof version available here. I used some last christmas to make "Apple Pie Moonshine". I still have 3 jars left. Straight up, Everclear is flavorless and basically pure alcohol (aka rocket fuel). Once mixed and tempered, that's another story.

    You can substitute a good vodka for everclear in most recipes though.
  19. CORRECTION  on post # 13 I got my numbers wrong. Here is the right ones;

    Nevada no longer sells EC 190 Because a college kid drank too much and died. His father was a lawyer and sued the state of Nevada.

          Now they only sell EC 151

               California sells EC 151.               and if I new where to procure shine, I sure wouldn't mention it.    [​IMG]

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