I did make this cake

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May 13, 2006
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I li'l history.. I am a finish carpenter and thought I would get out of the trade so I bought a bakery.. found out that was more work than being a carpenter so I went back to carpentry.. Friends asked me to make them a wedding cake so I thought I would post it here. Everything was homemade.. buttercream frosting and strawberries and white chocolate mousse filling <like a strawberry shortcake only better>..

ps my laptop in the background and that is a fake mouse.

Great job. 8)

My wife makes anywhere from 1 to 12 cakes a month for family and friends. I encouraged (practially forced) her to take all the Wilton decorating classes because it was her hobby and her mother & sister baked cakes and catered weddings. Now she's happy she took the courses, and she decorates cakes with the best of them. Wish I had some of her pictures to share.

You ever get into fondant, marzipan or sugar art?
Hey Bob,
I never did get into fondant, marzipan or sugar art? I know my limits .. lol. Does your wife charge for the cakes? It's great that she took the Wilton course I've heard good things about it. I was taught by the baker who use to own the place and had him stay on and teach me. It's a form of art as is cooking and smoking meats. I don't know what they get where you are for wedding cakes but up here is close to 3.50 per slice, so a cake that feeds 100 ppl cost 350.00 not including delivery and set-up not bad if your wife can do a few cakes per month. That cake was a gift to a couple that we know who were kinda low on cash so I told them I'd bake it for them. I was in Canada when they got married and when I came back I found out they dropped the top of the cake. They didn't take it apart and tried to carry it down 2 flights of stairs .. <shaking head> Oh well, the wife is on the way home and I have to plan for the Farthers day smoked feast :) Any plans for the a weekend smoke?

She usually asks for about $15 for a half sheet but doesn't normally charge for church events. She made a shape cake for our pastor's 60th birthday party that looked like a picnic basket, with the lid open on one side, that had a sandwich and some other food items in it, and the basket had a few ants (decorations) crawling on it too. It was hilarious! :lol:

She does charge for wedding cakes but I don't know the rate. I think she said one of her cakes was $700 but would normally cost 3 times that much at a bakery. :shock:

Our kitchen is fill of cake pans of all sizes & shapes and I bought her a HUGE fishing tackle box to organize her decorating stuff in.

Tough luck with the cake top. :cry:
Hi Bob, Way cool, Your wife sounds talented.. Looks like the Wilton cake class paid off too. That cake she baked for the Paster sounds like alot of work.. I couldn't do it. I have a few cake pans left.. I'm not baking as much as I use too.. I don't even eat that much cake or sweets for that matter.. I think I got sick of it when I owned that bakery. When I got back from vacation they told me the top fell.. I said "Oh well" .. Maybe they thought I'd make them another top so they could have the year after.. I didn't take the bait .. lol .. no even a nibble. I'll be smoking and drinking this weekend .. My kids are coming over, I would have thought I'd be a grandfarther by now .. laugh ... my son is 23 and my daughter is 25 and she is still in skool.. :) <school> .. I'm home painting today to get the house ready for farthers day.. laughing ..

Joe my wife made a couple of cakes today so I thought I'd share them with you. :D



The first one is one of her $15 cakes, I think the second one is gonna be free because it's for a church function.
Hey Bob, Very nice looking cakes .. I like the way the flowers come down the side ... and nice looking palm tress as well... Your wife has a great talent.. the top one looks like it's a basket weave? I don't like it when people say "It's a lot of work" They just don't realize that some things are worth the extra effort.

Thanks for sharing,
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