I’m back!

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Mar 15, 2014
Triadelphia, WV
I pray this finds you well and sorry for the longish post…

It’s been a rough year since last January 2022 when I lost my dad to an aortic aneurism and surgery was not able to save him. Then three weeks to the day later I lost my mom’s mom, my grandma to cardiac arrest. I went into a deep slump and begged my boss to keep me as busy as possible all last year and spent time with just my mom and my wife and kids. I’ve learn a lot of who I was and am today and what was important to me. I have wanted to smoke and cook things and get on here and see you guys and gals more just my heart wasn’t there.

I’m really looking forward to talking to you all again and getting caught up with you all! Hopefully see some more people from WV here too!
Sorry to hear of your losses! It's hard losing loved ones. But welcome back and hope you can get back in your smoking groove again!

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Sometimes in life when the lemons are falling off the tree, we just have to try and make some lemonade. Getting back in front of your grill or smoker may be just the therapy the doctor ordered.

So sorry for your troubles and glad to see you back...
So sorry for your losses. I understand the deep funk they can create. I’m happy you are at a point to return!
Seems to all happen at once yeah?? Same thing happens to all of us.
Glad you took time for yourself, indeed it sounds like it helped.
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