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How to use mild jalepenos


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Grew some jalapenos and tomatoes in large planters this year. The tomatoes turned out great - amazing yield and excellent flavor. The jalapenos however, are extremely mild - they were on the same drip watering schedule as the tomatoes and probably got over watered.

The yield was great, but not sure what I can do with a gallon of jalapenos with no heat. Any idea?


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I like the mild peppers in sausage . You can taste the peppers , great flavor .


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Yeah great flavor in your sausage, diced up and put in individual bags and added to chili as needed, or even mix them up with the rest of your garden and make a mild salsa. Lot of options.


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Make a Green Chile Sauce. Great as a topping on Tacos,Tamales, Enchilada, Empanada even Eggs. Use Jalapenos for flavor and other for heat...JJ

Green Chile Sauce

Makes about 2 Cups relatively mild sauce, depending on Jalapenos. Add Hotter Chiles to your taste.

2Tabs Oil
1C Diced Onion
4ea Cloves Garlic
4ea Pablano Peppers
4ea Jalapeño Peppers*
8oz New Mexican or Anaheim Chiles**
1/2tsp Cumin
1/2tsp Black Pepper
1/2tsp Marjoram or Oregano
1ea Chicken Bouillon Cube
1C Water
Small Handful Cilantro, finely minced.
1/4C Heavy Cream

Roast and peel chiles, Chop fine.
Saute onion and garlic until soft and slightly golden in a 12" pan.
Place all but Cilantro and Cream in the pan and simmer until soft and water evaporates.
Puree the vegetables until smooth. Add a little water if needed. If too thin return to pan and reduce.
Add Cilantro and cream, stir to combine.
Season to taste.
* If jalapeños are mild add more and use less Pablano.
** Fresh Chiles are best but use Canned Green Chiles, out of season.


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Great ideas everyone -- well almost everyone :) -- thanks.

Put some hot sauce on them
You may have been joking but I actually did this. I pickled a bunch of them and added a dose of hot pepper flakes and some habanero sauce. Sampled some after a few days and they now have a little bit of a kick.


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I vote for Salsa. Salsa is a wonderful way to use things up. Our peppers from our garden are incredibly mild. <Despite looking like they should be hot, they ended up mild as bell pepper. Not sure what is up with that>

Otherwise I vote a heck of alot of ABTs. You can spice them up by adding hot sauce into the cheese mix...

Now we all await pictures.


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Man I could do a lot with mild Jalapenos!
You could go ABT's without even have to do much coring out of the peppers, to me that is a win!

In TX I LOVE them battered and fried, much better than fried pickles and I like them better fresh vs pickled jalapenos that sometimes get fried.

Mix some in cream cheese and eat with your favorite cracker. A cheddar cracker is nice.

Smoke some to get mild Chipotle chili powder!!!!!!! You could also smoke some hotter peppers and blend them in as you grind to get some heat.

Honestly just slice some onto a burger with a slice of sharp cheddar. I would go with a sweeter conidment like ketchup, bbq sauce, or a light application or raspberry or blueberry preserves.

Use them as the pepper component of a meat loaf (vs bell pepper or blend with bell peppers).

Make brush poppers. Take a chunk of chicken meat sandwich with a good sliver of jalapeno anda good sliver of onion. Wrap the entire thing with bacon, stab with a toothpick and smoke em! Just be sure to make like 3 dozen as they go quick. Do the same thing but grilled and brushed with some bbq sauce towards the end, using Dove breast instead of chicken since the season just started up.

Or just vac seal and mail me like 10 pounds :)

Shall I keep going? :D

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... get couple handfuls of habaneros put 'um together allow for your heat strength...peppers for awhile...you may have gotten TAM seeds it's a mild Jalapeño developed by Texas A & M University (TAM) for those among us faint of heart....


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Why not :)
Well you asked for it hahaha.

Shred/grate the Jalapenos on the large shred side of a cheese grater/shredder. Use the shreds on sandwiches with cream/cheddar/pimento/etc. cheese spreads for the cheese component and then add the rest of your sandwich fixings like turkey, tomato, lettuce etc. Fresh jalapeno like this adds AMAZING fresh flavor to sandwiches.

Add shreds from above in salads.

Blend some up in your Margarita mix and garnish for Jalapeno Margaritas.

Blend some in Ranch for Jalapeno Ranch! If you smoke some for Chipotle then add the chipotle powder to Ranch for Chipotle Ranch dressing!!!

Straight dip in ranch and eat like people do with sweet peppers, carrots, cauliflower, etc. and ranch dips.

Pickle them for pickled jalapeno needs like many people use on Nachos (I prefer fresh vs pickled).

Make Pico de Gallo with them for a mild but very peppery flavor Pico.

Do Armadillo Eggs which would be to stuff the Jalapenos with cheese and onion and wrap the entire thing in ground sausage meat and then smoke them!!! (This may be TX thing and isn't even widely done here).

Since they are mild you can do Cheese, Onion, and heavy Jalapeno enchiladas!!!! Use plenty inside the enchilada.
You could use them to make a green chili sauce for the enchiladas if you like or just go other types of sauces (I like 1-2 different enchilada sauces when I eat them).

Jalapeno Corn bread!!!!

I like to throw them in my chicken soups (rice, noodle, vegetable, dumpling, Mexican soups, etc. etc.)

Grill Fajitas and instead of using green bell pepper use he jalapenos sliced long ways for grilled peppers and onions.

Range Rattlers (a not so great anymore restaurant chain does this). Core out the jalapenos, stuff a whole shrimp with just the tail on in the jalapeno along with some cheese, bread the entire thing except the end of the tail and deep fry it. The shrimp tail sticks out and kind resembles the tail of a rattle snake hence the name Range Rattlers.

At this point I have a couple of funny ideas on how to use them but it would all be experimental as I have never seen it done hahaha :)


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I grow a lot of heatless jalapenos every year and pickle several jars. I throw a few regular ones in as well with some garlic and cumin.


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Sounds like they may have been fed a little to much water when they were growing up. I would use them in meatloaf or a substitute for bells.


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