how to make a recipe better

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Jan 17, 2011
Lindenhurst, NY
ok, so this is not a smoking recipe, but you guys have helped me make the Best Q, so i'm sure you could help me with this.

so i have a recipe that my mom used to make, its very easy, its just ground beef, cooked, then add beef gravy, and some worsteshireere sauce. and you put it on egg noodles.

it just seems like its missing something. i was wondering if there are some seasoning that i could add that would make it Pop a little bit?

any ideas?


You forgot the sour cream! Add some fresh chopped parsley and there ya go!

Can do that with some stew meat also....almost like a Stroganoff.
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KathrynN hit it on the head. Sour cream or a little whipping cream. Sometimes we'd put mushrooms or cream of mushroom soup mix in there too.
throw in chopped onion and garlic when the meat is about 1/2 way browned-perhaps a few spices to boot?
Joe, evening .....  You are talking about one of my favorite meals...  had that for the last 2 days...     Brown the GB with onions, garlic..   add several TBS of Krusteaz pancake mix...  make a roux...   if the GB was lean, you will have to add some fat... bacon fat is good... back to the roux... as it browns, start adding milk and stir.... stir, stir, or you will have one huge pancake.... keep adding milk and stir.... soon you will get to the consistency of thick country gravy.... too thick, add more milk.....  pour over anything.... I like egg noodles... biscuits or toast works too....   I do that with sausage for making biscuits really good...

Just looked in the refer... all gone... darn, I was going to take a pic for ya.....

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