How much would you charge for jerky?

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Nov 18, 2010
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so i made a batch of jerky a few weeks back and brought it into work and people loved it.  alot of people said they would buy it if i ever sold it.  I was thinking about it and i was wondering how much you would charge for jerky? my initial though was $5 per 1/2 lb. does that sound like a good starting point? by my calculations if i did that, assuming 40% weight loss during the dehydrating process, i could quadrupedal my money by charging that much

also does anyone know what all is required to sell jerky as far as permits, licenses, and whatever else? i was thinking about setting up a website if people really do like this and try to start setting to the public
I don't know how 5 bucks covers 1/2 pound...

When I bought homemade at work (years ago)  it was 5 bucks for 1/4 pound.

We were all glad to buy it too.

 There are lots of threads here concerning going pro on smoked stuff.

 Use the search tool and have fun!!

cool i'll take a look.  my thought process was say i buy 10 lbs of eye of round.  i'm looking at around $30 if i find a good deal.  I havne't weighed my before or after yet but i just got a scale to do so, so i was assuming losing 40% like with butts and briskets.  even if its 50-55%.  i'd get 5lbs of smoked jerky.  if i sell for $5/lb i'd get $50.....ok i guess i did my math wrong and its not quadrupaling...

so maybe $5 for 1/4lb?
i think it'd be fun work personally :)  better then my current sit at a computer and stare out the window job i have not ;)
Calulate good because if you start at one price and then go up shortly after starting you gona have some po`d people and they will stop buying.
Ummmm yup...5 bucks times 5 pounds would equal 25 bucks...

Plus fridge (curing) time ,making it time , and from frome,spices, and dehydrating...then weighing and packaging.

 I used be wonder why it costs 5.50 to 6.50 bucks for a BBQ sandwich.

 Since I started making it..I sure don't anymore.

 Mine is much better too!!!!

Whew..and People eat some of my andouille and say "you should sell this".

I say 15 bucks a much you want??   hahahahahaha  

Good luck and have a great day!!

I don't know how 5 bucks covers 1/2 pound...

When I bought homemade at work (years ago)  it was 5 bucks for 1/4 pound.
at least, i was thinking even bought is around $5-$6 per 4oz. you have to fugure in time, ALL of the ingredients, wood, packaging.....etc.
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Did you smoke it?   How much do you pay for wood chips? Do you use Gas or electric? Can you say for sure you can get $2.99 lb for eye of round all the time? Cause if you start selling a lot and have to buy it when its NOT on sale....You just shot your self in the foot!   I dont think any of us want to sound like party poopers but we want you to realize all the costs there are to consider.  Good luck

I'd double check the weight loss as well. When I do mine in the smoker I start with a fair sized piece of meat and by the time I'm done there is a good sized pile, but it is more bulky than heavy.  I'd guess my shrink to be 60-70% or more.  However mine is fully dehydrated not big chuncks of meat in a dry coating.  Probably would make a difference.  Would sure make a difference in your cost per pound. 

Now this is all interesting for sure. I have been selling bacon and snack sticks for a while now and I would go for the 5.00 for maybe a 1/4 a pound myself. You really have to think about it as a bussiness or if you want to work for money or for just the making folks happy with your food thingy.
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You might also check on Ebay for sales price info. I've seen a few on there, both licensed and not. Look for folks with high feedback that have been doing it a while. I've considered doing it myself with Q-sauce, even went so far as to become licensed by the Or. Dept. of Agriculture. My only advice is to be veryyyyy careful when selling to the public. Once you start you become a 'food processor' in the eyes of regulators and they are very concerned about your operation, especially when you're dealing with meat. I don't mean in any way to deter or scare you but I would hate for you to open a nasty can of worms that could cost you big time.
i've been looking for a good source of info on the costs and requirements to get it expensive to start off?
All I can say is HEALTH DEPT. Check & see what your local regulations are. Here they are very stringent.
I've bought from a few people on Ebay that don't seem to have any licenses.  I also mail order some of my favorite local commercials from around the country.  The cheapest is probably around $25/lb and I've paid as much as $40/lb with shipping.

I get pretty close to 50% yield with 1/8".  Full price eye of round is usually around $4/lb, so $8 for 2 lbs for 1lb yield.  I'd have to be getting at least $20/lb to make it worth my while since I can only do around 4 lbs at a time (2 lb yield).  I think this summer I'm going to build a plywood smokehouse to try a high volume batch.  I figure I might even be able to do it without a heating element midsummer.
I used to sell jerky on ebay to people from all over, UK, Japan, Canada and sorts.

Then one day i get this letter in the mail from the USDA (It looked official) Section this section that and they wanted to know why i was not putting the USDA stamp on my packaging?

Just remember, Ebay has groups that watch this. Like Chef Willie says, Its a nasty can of worms, You dont want to stand tall before the man (FEDS) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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