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Discussion in 'Pork' started by gethenet, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. I am doing a Grad Party for the wife this saturday...she just finished her Masters degree!!!

    I will be doing some Pulled Pork...looks like there will be 25- 30 there...about how many butts will I need?
  2. pineywoods

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    The formula I've seen is 1/4 lb per person if your serving sides and your making the sandwiches. I have also seen some say 1/3 lb per person. I think I'd go for the 1/3 and if you have left overs great. Remember you will loose close to 50% from raw to smoked weight. So if at this late hour my math is working I'd do 20 lbs of butts for a smoked weight of 10 lbs. That should give you 30 decent sized sandwiches.
  3. ronp

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    I would think 1/2 pound raw per peson would do, finished weight would be 1/4 of a pound. It also depends on the sides and the bread or buns and ages of the peeps. Left overs are always great.

    Hope this helps.
  4. meat-man

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    Hey bud when people ask me how much meat they need I always tell them to figure a 1/2 pd per person.Because some will eat more some will eat less, plus you will have other fixen's there also.
  5. so If I get 3 Butts at 9lbs+...that should give me around 13.5 lbs of smoked pork? Which should give each person at least 1/2 lb?..(.27 )people

    Does this sound about right?
  6. fatback joe

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    Sounds right to me.
  7. I just got back from picking up meats for the big smoke this weekend.
    Could not find any Butts...all they had were Picnic shoulders.

    Is there much of a diffence in the cuts...Im assuming I should get about the same amount of smoked meat from both cuts?

    Also Im not real sure when I should start the smoke....5pm is going to be dinner time. when would you guys start the smoke...i know I can wrap them and cooler them for up to 4 hrs?
  8. All I usually use are picnics and the same formula for amount has worked for them. Picnics tend to be a bit dryer than butts after pulling.
    I would allow about 1.75 hours / pd if you run at ~230F.

    One thing that concerns me is that the package says "contains up to an 8% solution". This generally means that the meat is enhanced, in a solution of brine/nitrites. Enhanced pork may taste "hammy" and be thoroughly pink throughout after smoking. Some people don't mind the "hammy" taste, although I can do without it...

    Burt [​IMG]
  9. I was concerned about the 8% thing too...although it says 100% natural

    I have called all over town...and can't find any....I still have 24 hrs before I have to panic..for just going to hold on to these...I can always return them if I do get lucky and find some Butt!
  10. bmudd14474

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    If they are 9-10 lbs each then my math(if its correct) puts start time around midnight or shortly before. 10 lbs x 1.75 hr per lb= 17.5 hrs. I would start at 10 so they are ready to be pulled around 3-4pm.

    If I am way off someone smack me and let me see the smoke.
  11. I would like to smack you myself...after telling me its going to take that long...[​IMG]
  12. bbq bubba

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    You want to impress your friends with a nice dinner, take that Tyson crap back to the store and find some fresh butts or shoulders, almost any grocery store has pork.
    I would advise you cook the day before and reheat for dinner....
    It will taste fine and you won't be falling asleep at your party! [​IMG]
  13. capt dan

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    I hafta agree. Any store that has a butcher can sell ya a pork butt, actually you will need 3 of them(7-8 lbers) If they sell pork steak, or country style pork ribs, they have butts, cuz thats where those 2 cuts of meat come from. Try to get the ones with the bone in. They taste better and cook faster, and are usually alot cheaper than the boneless ones. If you cannot smoke them the day or 2 before then rub the butts up around 4-5 pm and rest in the fridge. fire up your smoker around midnight to 1 am. Get the butts in there by 2 am . keep the temps at 225-250 range, they should be ready for foil somewhere around the 11 am- noonish time.Might hafta rotate the butts to make sure they are cooking equally(depending on your smoker and the weather). Hopefully they will be ready for the cooler rest about 2-3 pm. Let them sit in there for at least an hr. If they get done early, a 2-3 hr rest will be even better for them.

    After all this, you are gonna be beat unless you got some sleep somehow between 3am and noon.[​IMG]
  14. Thats the problem...non of them around here have them, as of Thursday night. So I may be stuck with the ones I bad is it going to be...and what different do I need to do to them, over the Butts?
    I have done the reg Butts before...with GREAT results. I just have never done these Picnic shoulders
  15. so if I am stuck using these that I I need to cut off the thick skin on the one side, or leave it on?
  16. norrell6

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    All I do is pork shoulder for pulled pork. I get the boneless kind and have had great results. I have never bought a shoulder that is packed with a solution added. I do know that some people brine their butts/shoulders before they smoke them. I am sure that if this is the only meat you can find, it will be fine. Do you have a costco near you. They seem to always have whole, boneless pork shoulders in a cryo-pack. That's where i get mine. Good luck and post some pics of your smoke if you can.
  17. Its not looking promising....[​IMG] every hour that passes im getting closer to having to use these.
  18. capt dan

    capt dan Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Hehehe, you said ya did butts before and they were great. Where did ya get those??[​IMG]

    Don't worry, theres always hot dogs and burgers![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    If worse comes to worse, you'll be OK, just not perfect. Might lay off the salt in your rub by 50%.

    I always inject my butts and that injection does have salt as 1 of the ingredients. I wouldn't loses too much sleep over it if ya can't find a store that sells pork steak, you must live in a funky place![​IMG]
  19. walking dude

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    1.6 hours at 250............nine lbs, bout 14-15 hours, but here lately, some meats haven't been stalling, i wonder if tip is right.........they mite get done sooner, mite get done later, and that 14 hours if WITHOUT a 4 hour you better get em on soon............
  20. I have gotten them at the place i got these...but they were all out...I know I know...How rude!

    They said they would be getting more in, but the time was after I would of needed them. I just got cutting off the caps...and rubbed them all up good a few hours ago...will start the smoke around 9pm...and stick with them til there good to go.....Yes I know...Its going to be a LONG few days...but hey I work from 7pm til Im use to it...I have been on vacation all week...have to go back Sunday night...I might very well sleep ALL OF SUNDAY after this one...LOL

    Thanks for all the help..I will try to get some Qview!!

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