How Many BUTTS have you stuffed into the 22 for a single smoke?

Discussion in 'WSM Owners (Weber Smokey Mountain)' started by badjujumatt, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. badjujumatt

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    Kids grad party is coming up and I am doing butts on the WSM 22. I am planning on 8 butts, and want to jam 4 into the WSM at a time. Havent done this before so I am not sure if my smoke data will apply with cook times and temps. I am thinking it may take longer and more fuel. Looking for some feedback if you have done 4 or more butts in the WSM 22 at one time.

    Also, I am planning on crutching. I have only wrapped them individually but I am thinking about dropping 2 into a large foil pan and covering that up. Thoughts?

  2. smokinal

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    Four butts will easily fit in your WSM. I've had 6 in mine at one time. And yes 2 in a pan will work nicely.

    As for time, it's about the same as for 1 butt. The only difference will be when you put 4 in at one time it will take the smoker longer to come back up to temp., so your smoke time may increase by a half hour or so.

  3. I had 4 at once in my 18.5" WSM, so you should have no problem.
  4. I've done 6 with no problem. 3 on each rack. I think if you stand them on end you could do all 8 depending on size. Time remains about the same, you will use more fuel though.
  5. badjujumatt

    badjujumatt Newbie

    Thanks for the info guys! I will post pics as the butts do their thing.
  6. dward51

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    4 in a 22", no problem.  I do 4 large 9-10 pounds butts in my 18.5" WSM all the time. I put 2 on each smoking grate. Should be a breeze in a 22" and you might be able to get them all on the top grate (depending on butt size).
  7. jirodriguez

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