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  1.   Just got an s.o.s. call from my son.  He and his in-laws have planned a party for this Saturday and the main course was SUPPOSE to be a 100 lb roasted on site pig, well the pig guy/cook backed out.  So I offered to do some butts in my smoker, a master forge dual door propane.  I think I can get 3 butts in it ,my question is how long can they stay foiled, towel wrapped in a cooler safely. I plan on cooking them at my place then taken them to the party when we go and pulling there.
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    Very well insulated they should stay hot 4-5 hours. You want to make sure they stay above 140*, if they drop below then they need to go down below 40* in 4 hours.
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    Dave gave good advice. I will add that 1 Butt will last 4-5 hours wrapped and packed with towels and 3 Butts will last even a couple hours more because of all the Hot mass in the cooler...JJ

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