How long to Smoke 10# of Turkey

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May 26, 2013
I know the times vary, but for all of you that have experience with smoking turkeys.  I want to smoke half of a 20# turkey.  Cut totally in half so it can lay flat.  I'll be using an MES30.  First what temperature would be best, and about how long would you estimate it will take.

Thank you all for your help and advice.
for turkey i would recommend 300-325 temp and probably around 15-20 minutes a pound. 
I like to have it around the 275 mark and usually figure 30minutes a pound but I always put my thermometer in at the 2 and half Mark to know from there.
It depends if you want crispy skin or not. For crispy skin you want to try to keep it as close to 325 as you can. 
Thank you all for the comments and suggestions.  The MES30 only goes up to 275, and it might be a bit cool out, so I'll probably plan on about 7 hours?????  If it seems to be getting done to quick I can back down the temp a bit and then let it rest an hour or so. 
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My 13lb. at 250 took 5.5 hours to get to IT 165 in the breast. The temperature outside was mid to upper 40's during the cook with minimal wind.

My pellet pooper is insulated, but I don't think that will do much on the cook time, just help on the pellet consumption
At 275, your half turkey will probably hit the magic IT of 165 in about 3 1/2-4 hours. You will want a good 30-45 minute rest when it's done. I'd figure 5 hours total.
Thanks again for all the good info.  Just another quick question.  Since this will be half a turkey, I'll be able to lay this flat on the rack.  Does it matter if the bone side is up or down? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.