How long can I store?

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Original poster
Feb 14, 2017
Nashville TN
Hello All,

Long time lurker, first time poster here.

I made up a large batch of deer sausage this weekend but due to some unforseen family obligations was unable to stuff and smoke these beautiful snausages.  My question is this:  How long can I safely store these in the fridge before I stuff and smoke them.

I used Cure #1 and these were put into the fridge late on Saturday evening.  I'm off this coming Friday so I will have time to get these stuffed and in the smoker.  Is this too long of a time?  

That's a good question, I would venture to say if it was sealed up good it should be ok. But don't quote me, There are some people here that I would look to for answers, Maybe ask a moderator to direct you in that direction. 
You should be fine. But a test fry and taste is a good idea before proceeding. Make sure the container is covered well and in the coldest part of the refer well away from the door. Cold is your friend here...JJ
Thats getting close to punching the envelope.

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