How do YOU smoke a duck?

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john suede

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Dec 1, 2013
Barrhead Alberta
hey folks,

Ive smoked chicken before but Ive never done a duck. I know they are a bit greasier. Is this advantageous or not? Can you guys lay out the basics for this bird? Do you guys use a rub or marinade? Post your duck procedures and recipes here!

Kind Regards

Chicken requires IT higher to be safe.

A lot of people like ducks to be rare, medium rare.

i have never smoked a duck but i would say if your going to cut slips to let the grease escape i would put a pan under it to to save the drippings! Smoked Duck Confit! 

I smoke a duck every year for Thanksgiving.  I use Pop's brine overnight.  Dry the duck off and make small slits in the skin.  Rub the cavity with butter and spices(corriander,cummin, basil) cut onions,carrots,celery,apple,oranges stuff in the cavity.  Put a drip pan underneith, any left over fruits and vegitables throw in the pan.  Set your smoker to 225-250*F use a mild wood like apple,pear,or plum. Smoke to an IT of 160-165, remove, wrap in foil to rest for a while. Slice and enjoy!

Alrighty folks, well the bird is in the brine!

I started off by melting 1 cup honey, mixed that into some luke warm water (8 cups) then I poured in 1 cup of pickling salt (no iodine, same as kosher) I mixed this until dissolved. I followed that by covering the top layer of the water with a thin layer of Sage and onion powders. Whisk in until suspended. I then tossed in about 2 cups of dehydrated wild saskatoons, wild cranberries and some saltan raisins. These should impart a fruity flavour to the brine as well as reconstitute them. Ill use them in my stuffing. I like to try and use native plants and herbs in my foods. I collected the sage here in the fall, just before they set seed. The berries I picked and dehydrated over the course of the summer. 

I have apple wood in the yards, just need to chunk it up. Ill have lots of time to get this done while I let this guy brine until tomorrow.

Here it is, tho I moved it to a different container so that the whole bird would be submerged.

Any recommendation on smoke time? I have a little chief, I put the blanket on it and it usually ends up at around 190C, tho tomorrow is supposed to be a bit warmer outside, I may get a better temp. If I dont, Ill be smoking out in the chief and finishing it in the oven or slow cooker.

Kind Regards

Ok, so Its in the smoker. I patted it dry, rinsed the rehydrated berries the rid them of excess salt, then stuffed them into the bird. Its on the smoker over hickory chips, I cant seem to find where I put that chunk of apple.... I alos put a moose roast in there. I put it in a pan under neath the bird to get soaked in drippings. Will report back in a few hours and let you guys know how it is :)
ok, so its -26C at my place right now. My True North was keeping up at 200F for about 2 hours, but, alas, the weather has proven too much. I had blankets on it and what not...Any ways, Im finishing it in the oven now, pics to follow tho I smells awesome at the moment. 

The roast is great. Putting it in under the duck to get dosed with dripping worked out to be a super idea that I will be doing again. I sliced the roast and finished it in the cast iron skillet, fried some crimini mushies and drizzled butter, garlic, basil, salt and pepper on them. Yum!

Duck in the roaster. Smoke gave the skin a nice colour :)

Skillet finished roast

Joy to the World!
alright, so I nearly ate the whole thing by myself haha. I worked out awesome. So between the duck and smoking roast with a duck over top for drippings, I have 2 things I will do again for sure. 

I have the bones and skin in the pot for broth right now. The skin is great, but I know that the grease off the cooled broth will be better.

Out of the roaster, IT was 160F

Uh, I almost didnt make it this far :D

Made hashbrowns in some of the drippings. As if this whole thing was enough of a heart attack waiting to happen haha.

The left overs from my days labours :) Lunch tomorrow aw, the good life :)
I know what you mean about eating the whole thing, when I make one that is what I usually end up doing, like I said I do them on a rotisserie, have a counter top model that works great, I cook for a while them score the skin to get some of the oils out. But knowing how I am I usually end up making a salad to go with it no sides.

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