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I am really new to the bar b q scene. I have recently acquired a used Master Forge propane smoker that had a damaged Handle which I managed to repair with a little amateur welding. Outside of the handle, it is an almost new unit. I had a lot of problems at first acquiring inside temp. the guage only showed me getting a 200 degree maximum. two trips to the feed store, a new high pressure regulator, hose and an accurate temp guage. what the unit showed to be 200 was actually 260. 
As the only experience I have had with smoking is a wasted lifetime of tobacco use, (I am presently 2 years 2 months tobacco free), and other herbal substances from an earlier questionable youth, this is a new embarkation for me. 
Therefore, when I ask that really dumb question that everyone else knows, please be patient with me.
a little more about me, I am a recently retired vocational instructor in Pharmacy 
Technology, Certified Nursing assistant. I also spent 25 years as an LPN in different aspects of nursing, long term care, ICU, pediatrics. I did a time of Travel nursing where I was able to spend some time in different areas of the country and managed to try some different cuisines. I love food, especially smoked meats and veggies. 
I am now going to start out with some whole chickens, spare ribs and a pork roast. I am actually a little apprehensive about doing it all at once, but typically, I like to go.....wait for it.....whole hog!!


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Welcome to SMF!

Unless you are feeding an army, I think I would just start out with the chickens.

They are pretty easy to smoke.

Do you have a good meat thermometer?

They are essential in getting the meat done to the right temp.

What kind of pork roast do you have?

A pork loin may take 5 hours & a pork butt may take 20 hours to cook.

The ribs & chicken will take anywhere from 4 - 6 hours to smoke depending on their size & type.

It's OK to cook them all at once, but depending on what you have you wouldn't start them all at once.



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Welcome to the group!  I agree 100% with SmokinAl!  Also, this is a great group of folks who don't bash you for asking dumb questions.  Glad you joined us!



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Thanks for the help guys. I actually was cooking for a small army, family). It went well and I learned a couple of things.
1. Don't trust the thermometer on the smoker, it's purely there for looks. I did get as digital for meat temp, but I relied way too much on the dial built in. I believe my temps were a little high which meant I cooked too long, too high. So next purchase will be a thermometer dedicated to the smoker. As I am now solely dependent upon SSI, it will have to be a budget model.
2. Wood chips burn up way too quick. I need thicker chunks.

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  Good morning and welcome to the forum from a nice sunny day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great            people with tons of information on just about everything.

        BTW   I love Hot Springs

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