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Jul 3, 2005
Ripley WV
Hey all,Im making some snack sticks and some trail bologna this weekend.I have a customer who wants bologna to use his words "so hot you cant eat it."I like spicey but am not too crazy about real hot.Ill be using red pepper for heat and wonder can anyone give me a amout of pepper per lb. of meat to really tune this guy up.Thanks David
Hey David,
Is it to late......I was wondering are you gonna use the crushed red pepper...dried, with seeds and all? If so I would use a 1/2 cup...thats what I use w/ one of my Jerkey marinades and mixed in with a 1/2tbs of chili pwder and 1/4 c of hot sauce. It makes some damn hot jerkey im sure it would do the same for your bologna.

Thanks Todd,Ive got my bolongna and snack sticks stuffed and am gonna smoke them today.Its gonna be a chore as it is in the single digits here in WV today.Ill have to crank up the heat on the old fridge smoker and let her roll.I used five Tbs. of red pepper in five lbs.of meat.In another five lbs. batch I used the same red pepper and two Tbs. of habenero sauce.Surely that will put off some heat.Ill have some pics of the event soon if I dont freeze my cajones off today.Thanks again,David
Sounds good David......Ive got the same problem here in Michigan today....gonna get up to 12 degrees though.....My smoker is gonna fire up in about another 20 min or so.
Hab sauce should send that customers tounge to the milk
if it would have been me i would have skipped the meat part all together and just used crushed red pepper, cyanne, and habenero in a casing, well i guess some meat may have helped hold it all together once you sliced it. :lol: is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.