Horizon Smoker Customer Service…

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nickmv nickmv you look awfully silly going on and on. We know you hate Horizon's web presense. Buy your ash cleaner someplace else. You will feel better. I will happily use my new one tomorrow.
Yep def a big hater here, calling out ridiculous stuff that's the basics of running an ecommerce presence in the year 2024. What you fail to realize is that these are the basic foundations of a customer experience that starts online.

You're free to keep simping for the company and cracking 5yo jokes that dont even make any basic sense and attempting to discredit other customers and potential customers' experience (which is the real shame here) . But yeah I'm done. Done watching you embarrass yourself. And glad you wasted all that time doing it while not even realizing it. That particular aspect was entertaining and a real gem -- the lack of self-awareness.
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Bye bye. It's a small business that makes smokers. Theit business seems to be doing fine. That they don't adhere to your e-commerce standards is your issue. If I am not happy with a business I don't do business with them. If you consider that embarassing myself you need more that help buying an ash tool.
Well nickmv nickmv and D daspyknows I can say a couple things... Grow up and stop your childish bickering. Or you're gonna get this thread locked... don't need that as the OP isn't the one causing an issue.

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That's why I said the OP isn't the issue as I didn't want to lock it.

I had a long night, Ryan I miss read it as delete the thread.

Sorry about the confusion.

Being a mod sucks, I did it for yrs on a waterfowl hunting forum.
The only good thing about it, was being able to read all the drama in the deleted post files. Oh, and reading peoples PM's to find out where the latest greatest hot spot were for hunting and fishing. It makes me laugh when you tell people that the mods can read "EVERYTHING" they post, even edits and deletions, and seeing their reactions.🤣😂🤣
That's bullsh!t. Horizon absolutely needs to state that clearly when ordering.

Almost everybody does that these days. You can't make money making 1 piece at a time since people won't pay that much. You can't stock everything all the time since interest costs too much. You don't want very much in stock(inventory) since the government taxes you on it like income.
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Definitely a better opportunity for a positive response seems like to me.
But what do I know.....I only use MySpace 🤣

Moderator - Would you please delete this thread. Not trying to save Horizon Smokers from any negative press, just disappointed in the direction this thread has taken. Thank you!
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