Pit Boss Sierra Griddle

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What a mess! It is amazing the lack of customer service I have seen from Wally World when ordering on-line. One thing it seems they are doing is the Amazon model where their site is acting as storefront for 3rd party sellers, which they don't like to get involved in disputes.

As far as FedEx, my track record is about 25% of the shipments I get thru via them has an issue. So, I try to avoid them. In our area UPS and USPS are much more dependable.

Good luck on the refund. PayPal has come through on the couple of issues I have disputed. May take a couple weeks, but refunds did come through.
We are coming up on the three week mark and still no mention of a refund.

I have surmised the reason for the really bad attitude Walmart has displayed. This was an item they never actually possessed. They simply sold it to me, then told Pit Boss to ship it. That was why when it arrived destroyed, Walmart could have cared less. Wasn’t their problem, it was mine. See what they did there ? Everything became my problem.

I feel that this is their way of trying to match Amazon’s business model. For a while they would match the Amazon price on an item, they no longer do that. I think they could learn a few things from Amazon.

I should have never ordered a grill from Walmart.com. If you read this an decide to risk ordering from them, be ready to be treated like I have been treated. The employees are oppositional at all times and sometimes outright rude. There can be no excuse for having acted in this manner.
UPDATE. July 2nd

Been a month since I paid Walmart.com for that Pit Boss griddle, and still no word as to when a refund will be issued, if at all. I suspect they are waiting for Pit Boss to examine the griddle and report back to them. The pictures I sent of the carton must not have been enough to satisfy them. I learned my lesson about ordering anything to be delivered by Pit Boss.

My reviews of the griddle are not appearing on Walmart.com, which shocks me. Just shocks me. There is at least one review there where crushed delivery box is mentioned. They are waiting on a new useable part, and apparently it has been several months and it still hadn’t come. They are stuck with that bomb and Pit Boss doesn’t care one little bit. They made the sale and their work is done. What a shame that businesses operate in this fashion.

Last night I received an email notice that Walmart.com gave me the refund. Yup, it took them a month to decide that I deserved to get my money back. A month.
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