Hope Thanksgiving Was Great For All Of You!

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Hello Everyone!

Boy it's been a long time since I've been on the board. Sorry about that but after a year and a half off from work it was time to get back to getting a paycheck again!

Not doing the radio thing (at this time), but if you are a Nextel customer, you'll be happy to know that I'm doing customer service in a 700 person call center here in Seattle. I think I'm the oldest person in the place, lot's of college kids workin while learnin.

My day starts at 2am and ends around 12 noon. talk about screwing up the internal clock! But it does get me out of the house and make some cash while I wait for the new year to approach and find another PD or morning show back in radio.

I smoked and brinned again this year, but when the trukey hit 126 (about five hours) I transferred to the grill to crisp the skin up and get it up to 161 degrees. I used the apricot glaze this year and smoked with pecan wood only. brinned with just water, salt, honey, and vegetable stock. Bird was awsome, my mother in law just plotzed on the chair after eating it.

Hope everyone else had a wonderfull day, it's off to planning the nest big holliday smoke!
Good to see you are alive and well, Wynn! My daughter and my elder son both have worked for Nextel. My daughter was transferred to the Seattle area and my son is now in Georgia.
Daughter has gone over to Phillips and son in law left Amazon for Microsoft. Crazy world!
Keep the smoke up!
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