Homemade Stoker DIY

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It doesn't seem that a PC fan would give you enough cfm's, but I guess it's working for you.

When there is a problem do you call an AC or IT guy?
The small fan I'm using is actually a rackmount 12V server fan which can push 35 cfm. I'm only providing half the voltage and it is working great. Most stokers the sell have 12 cfm fans.
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The probe is almost on the middle of the cooking chamber, I'll have to take a pic for you when I get a chance. Since mine is a vertical smoker and the lower part is cooler than the top portion I usually set it at a lower temp for the digital temp gauge to kick on than the temp near the meat. One reason I have it in the mid point and not next to the meat is that the probe was too thick to pass through the hole I had drilled for my other probes. Unfortunately, I do not have a larger size drill bit to make the hole bigger. Next time I swing by Home Depot I'll have to remember to get a bigger bit. If you can, the best place to put the probe would be next to the meat your cooking.
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Slick! Very Slick, Kaveman.

Have you had a chance to see how closely it holds temperature? I could see using the controller  to run a defunct MES unit I have out in the barn. At about 1/5 the price of a Aubriens PID it might be a fun project. Certainly can't be any worse than the MB controller..
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