Homemade Kielbasa with Recipe (Corrected 06/04/2012)

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  1. I got a Kielbasa recipe from a fellow forum member, Jeff aka Jalan43 and many thanks for it. He gave me permission to post it when I made it. So I finally got around to making a 5 lb batch of it. Great flavor and easy to make, I will definitely be making this one again. I want to try some with cheese and BF wants to try it with some crushed red pepper flakes or cayenne. Original recipe is at the end.

    The ingredients ready to be weighed out and I did add Cure #1 to it so I could smoke it. The recipe he gave me was for 50 lbs so I had to do some re-calculating for 5 lbs.


    All mixed and ready to stuff the casings.


    Got it all stuffed into hog casings-my first time using them and as you can see, the top left links are a bit under stuffed!


    I smoked these in the MES 40 with Hickory pellets and Jack Daniel's Oak Barrel Chips. Great combo of flavors. 


    We had great weather this past weekend, so BF decided he wanted it two ways: One with sauerkraut and smoked pork, the other just with BBQ Sauce. We just put the pans on the grill and cooked it on there. 



    My plate - Sauerkraut with smoked pork and kielbasa, three bean casserole and kielbasa in bbq sauce.


    Jalan43's Kielbasa Recipe

    This recipe is for 50 lbs. If your going to smoke it and not eat it fresh add cure #1 and omit mustard seed (I left the mustard seed in even though I smoked it).

    44 lbs pork butt.  Cut into 1 1/2 to 2 inch cubes

    5 lbs ground chuck   Ground chuck is laid on top of pork. mix spices together and dump on top of ground chuck. It helps the spices mix into the pork better

    16 oz of salt for fresh (If you are smoking kielbasa 8 oz salt)

    1 tsp per 5 lbs of meat - Cure #1, Insta Cure, Pink Salt

    (The original recipe, as given to me, called for 1/4 tsp to 1 lb of meat of Cure #1- I did modify the amount to 1 TSP PER 5 POUNDS OF MEAT, which is the standard amount of Cure #1)

    8 oz brownulated sugar/ it mixes better and won't clump  (I couldn't find this anywhere locally, so I substituted Turbinado Sugar)

    3 oz butcher grind or medium course black pepper

    1 1/2 oz of granulated garlic

    1 oz onion powder

    1 oz mustard seed in fresh/ none in smoked

    1 lb water

    Let it sit overnight to soak up spices! Stuff into large casings 38 to 40

    Smoke kielbasa at 165 degrees until internal temp reaches 155 degrees! Its done!

    If you want it a little more garlic taste add 3 oz garlic. 

    I smoked it to IT 149* and hung to bloom. 
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  2. jrod62

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    Looks great !
    Will add this to the "to do list"
  3. Thank you...great recipe from Jeff!
  4. sam3

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    Great job! Everything looks fantastic!

    Nothing better than homemade Kielbasa. [​IMG]
  5. nepas

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    Looks purdy darn good there.

  6. Thank you! It wasn't as hard as I thought to stuff the hog casings and I had no blow outs...
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  7. boykjo

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    kielbasa in Colorado .....sounds like a movie..........................[​IMG]    looks great

  8. Thanks Joe...and I'm still chuckling! Needed that I did!
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    Very nice job Alesia, they look delicious!
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    Man! That looks some kinda good!

  11. moikel

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    Your a natural! Great work.
  12. Very nice!

    I've got my own 10lb batch (not this recipe) drying in the smoker right now. But I think I'll be giving this one a try in the near future.
  13. Thank you...they had a great flavor...nothing at all like store ones! 
    Thank you! I liked them with the sauerkraut the best.
    Thank you! 
    Thank you! These are really good!
  14. johnnie walker

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    Alesia, why do you leave the mustard seed out of the smoked kielbasa?

    That looks great. I need to make another batch of kielbasa.
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    Kielbasa and Kraut...Don't get no better than that!...BUT...Kielbasa in BBQ Sauce...[​IMG]...There ought to be a Law!...Good job young lady!...JJ
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    Simply delicious! Nice work.To do list, thank you!
  17. Thank you!

    The recipe that Jeff (Jalan43) called for it to be left out if smoking it...Don't know why but I added it and it was fine with it in there.
    Thank you! Have you ever had kielbasa covered in bbq sauce and smoked? It's really good and since I'm not a huge fan of kielbasa (at least the store ones) it did come out eatable. Now with the homemade, I liked it better in the sauerkraut.
    Thank you!
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    sweet looking meat.:sausage::sausage:
  19. Thank you!
  20. Looks great. Making me hungry.

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