Homemade Grinder motor question

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by raleigh wallace, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. I'm building a Home made #22 grinder and I'm wondering if a 1/2 hp motor at 1725 rpm is big enough to run it.???
  2. I run a 1 h.p. motor hook up that my father rigged roughly 45 years ago, and while it does a great job, it does bog down once in a while and does have a tendency to heat up when feeding fatty pieces of pork trim through for sausages when doing large batches. I counter this issue by doing smaller batches ( who doesn't need plenty of beer breaks when doing sausage anyways), well chilled meat, and ice chunks in stages. I would recommend if you can find a 3/4 to a full 1 horse model to go with that, or even better a larger motor with the proper gear ratio. The biggest problem with the grinders are dull blades or overheating worm drives that melt fat which are terrible for sausage making. Hope this helps with your choices.
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  3. Yes it helps a ton.  I was actually looking at a 1hp motor but I thought that would be overkill.  But now,  That's what i'll get, I would rather have it too big than too small.

    Thanks Twisted Minds

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