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    Well my Backyard Party for my little brother turned out to be awesome. I want to thank every one who chimed in and gave me some tips. Here are a few pics.

    Homemade Chili

    2 beautiful Butts:) 20#lbs

    4 hours in

    Baked Beans Beginning

    Gotta Go for the next 12 hrs

    Quitters(came to help and passed out at 2:30am) yes those are baby seats, they had twins 2 months ago

    26 hours later

    Gotta love that smoke ring

    Wonderful Pull

    40# of chicken with my homemade rub

    MMmmmmm( didn't have a chance to get pics when finished, as it was coming off it disappeared)

    Little Rain didn't dampen anyone's hunger

    Full House

    The man it was all for.

    We had a really good turn out despite the weather and there was nothing to take home. This was the largest meal I have ever made and would be glad to do it all again. 2 days of no sleep was worth every compliment and smile. Once again, thanks to everyone who gave suggestions.
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    Nice work!! Great looking meal!
  3. Nice work, and great looking meal!!

    What branch? I don't know the uniforms, sorry. Please thank him for his service!
  4. pullinmypork

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    U.S. Army. We are on opposite ends of the spectrum. He is a Medic and I was Army Infantry. 

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