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  1. Hi this is Famous Dave and I just found this forum. I have been smoking meats, eating barbecue for 45 years. My dad is an old Choctaw Indian from Idabel OK right smack in the Bible belt of the heartland of America. I grew up eating old fashioned Southern foods and the best tasting barbecue. I love traveling the country and discovering the best tasting barbecue in roadside smoke shacks or store front bbq joints in the inner city. Working on a new cook book Famous Daves' BBQ Party Cookbook to be released this late spring! I love going to and competing in Rib Burnoffs and BBQ competitions. I prefer smoking over real wood not off set. My favorite smoker is an old Chicago style aquarium smoker made over 30 years ago. I grew up having to make my own smokers out of garbage cans. Today, I have them all... Southern Prides, CookShacks, Smokey Mountains, Weber Kettles, Traegers, Fast Eddy, Green Eggs, and Meadow Creeks. I guess my favorites are always my real pit aquarium smoker, a simple weber kettle, my green egg, and the Meadow Creek.

    "Famous Dave"
  2. Well welcome to the forum! Sounds like you will fit right in. Name sounds familiar from somewhere...[​IMG]
  3. Are you the "Devil's spit" guy, or is that a different Famous Dave?
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      Welcome Dave! Pretty sure I know who you are. Glad to have you with us!

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    Welcome to SMF Dave. Glad you found us here.
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    From the Famous Daves  Chain??
  7. Yup... I'm the real deal... and the Devil's Spit guy. I usually spill my guts out on Facebook but figured that it would be good to also share my bbq insights on the barbecue forums...my only concern is keeping up with all of them. So while my first intentions are good... I don't have all day to spend on the internet when I need to be smoking up a storm! I am very open about what I have learned and if I have the time will answer all questions or I'll tell you I don't know. I would not be where I'm at today if when I was a kid a number of old indians, black folk, and backwoods hillbillies didn't take a liking to me and shared with me the ins and outs around real pit smokers. Just know I appreciate all kinds of barbecue. I love trying out other people's rib joints... and I have no ego... I am always learning and despite 45 years smoking up a storm I still take bbq classes. Must have took 3 last year alone. Never can tell what you can learn. Although I think one of these days I will do one my own because I have my own twist on smoke, smoldering coals, sauces, and seasonings. I buy every barbecue cookbook I can find and I must have one of the largest bbq sauce collections in the US. I literally have been thousands of bbq joints in over 40 years. To say I love bbq would be an understatement! Thanks for having me... "Famous Dave"
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    Welcome Dave. I like your sauces
  9. Welcome to the forum Dave - your joint in Rochester, MN is a for sure stop every time I go stateside to visit family and friends!
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    Glad you joined us.
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    Welcome Dave! 

    Really like your products and passionate attitude.

    Hope you will be a real frequent visitor.  Please feel free to spread the word to others, and give up a little of your vast collection of knowledge.  That will be a great benefit to others to see your passion communicated to others.

    Thank you and good luck on the new book! I look forward to getting a copy.
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    Hello and [​IMG]  to SMF!
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    Hello Dave - glad to have you here with us. I am looking forward to seeing some of your posts and most of all some of your qview 
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    Glad you joined us Dave, welcome to SMF!
    I am surprised you don't have a Yoder in your cooking arsenal yet!   [​IMG]
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    Welcome Dave!  My family loves your BBQ.  My oldest loves your spicy pickles!  He's 4 now and has been eating them since he was 2!  My youngest, Jon Jon, loves your ribs!  He is my little carnivore!  Here he is about a year ago enjoying some!


  16. Glad to have a famous person on here . Good rubs you have for us when in a pinch or lazy !! I enjoy watching you folks on TV , very entertaining, Dave.
  17. welcome dave, glad to see you. watched you in competition on bbq pit masters or somthing like that. sorry to have seen you not take first but glad to have your knowledge in our arsenal.

    look forward to learning anything you are willing to share with us
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  19. Cool! I eat at your Salt Lake City place every year during our ski trip. Sure wish we had one in San Diego - hint...hint... Wife says Vista is too far to drive. [​IMG]
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