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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by the nati smoker, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone.  I am new to both the forum and to smoking.  I have a large Big Green Egg and am really still getting used to it.  I have smoked a brisket (that didn't turn out too well) and a few slabs of ribs (they were quite yummy!).  Still learning what wood is best to use; chips vs chunks; etc.

    I live in Cincinnati, OH on the northeast side of Hamilton County.  Don't have much experience yet in the smoking arena but will be more than happy to share my experiences as I learn.

    Always open to suggestions and help.  

    Looking forward to sharing and learning.

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    Welcome Nati Smoker!  The BGE is a great smoker.  Wow, starting out with a brisket.  That's brave.  Sounds like it was a good learning experience.  Briskets can be relatively easy but finding what works best for your tastes and your equipment can be a little tricky.  Ribs and chicken are always good to use to learn the personality and temperament of your BGE.

    Definitely use chunks, not chips in the BGE.  Chips burn up too fast on a charcoal fire and put out a lot of smoke for a very short time.  Chunks burn slower and put out less smoke for a longer time.  I was at a BGE dealer last Thursday or Friday and picked up a nice bag of peach wood chunks to use in my Weber Smokey Mountain.

    With your willingness to share your experiences you'll be the neighborhood smoking expert in no time flat.  Welcome to SMF!
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  3. Thanks NoBoundaries.  I very much appreciate your help.  Looking forward to my next Smoke!  I just bought Jeff's Book (and a couple of others).  I'm afraid I have bitten by the smoked meat bug in a big way!
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    Good for you!  Be sure to check out Amazing Ribs website too.  LOTS of great information there.
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    Welcome, see ya around the forum !
  6. Hello and welcome to the site, lots of great people as you have already me a few. Briskets can be a little tricky, tough piece of meat to get tender and juicy. Briskets take a long time, always takes me 12 + hours minimum to turn out, I smoke at 225º, not saying that's the magic number or only temp for brisket, just works for me. Anyway glad to have you here.

    Gary S

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