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May 30, 2006
I just stubled on this site yesterday, what a great resource for Q knowledge!

I grew up in north Alabama eating Big Bob Gibsons Q, pork and chicken with the white sauce as well as their Q potatos. Later I moved to Tuscalosa AL and of course fell in love with Dreamland. They have an awesome simplicity there at the original store with only three items on the menu, a rack, half rack, and rib sandwich (bun with three ribs bone in!) served on paper plates along with a half loaf of Wonderbread! Anyway, I have always loved good Q and have smoked a fair amount of ribs over the years (in a regular grill, with wood chips, meat on the other side), but recently have gotten more interested in the art of it all. I have my sauce and rub's down, and now I am looking towards building/buying a dedicated offset smoker.

I am also posting a question over in the pork area, this weekend we will be smoking a small boar, a first for me!

Thanks for the knowledgebase here!



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Jul 7, 2005
Midvale, UT
Welcome to SMF, Kip. As you have found out, there is quite a bit of knowledge here. Best of luck in the search of a new offset, part of the fun is in the shopping.