Hey Chris, Your New Beer Pole....Seriously (Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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A while back I posted some recent metal fabrication projects that I'd done. Someone (don't remember who it was) jokingly commented that I should build a new beer pole for Chris ( gmc2003 gmc2003 ) As much as it may have been in jest, I thought it sounded like a pretty cool idea. Had a few minutes on Wednesday afternoon so headed to the garage and sorted through a bunch of drops I had from previous projects. A plan started coming together so I started cutting steel. Next thing I knew, only an hour or so later, it was all built. Yesterday I got it all buffed, polished, prepped, and ready for paint then went ahead and shot the paint.

Here it is built and prepped. A few pics.


I left spaces in the bottom so condensation or (God forbid) spillage could run out and not puddle.


Here it is earlier today. Three coats of hammered finish brown exterior grade paint.

I installed adjustable feet in the bottom so you can level it up and make sure it's stabilized.

Of course I had to take it out to the patio and QC the thing to make sure R&D hadn't made any fundamental design flaws.

Large enough for a beer with one of the thick foam Koozies.

Well Chris, I know your beer pole is iconic and a fixture here in the forum. If you just want to keep it and forego this one, I understand. If however you'd like to be the only kind on the block with a toy like this, send me a PM with your address. I'll get it packed up and shipped your way. BTW, it's not as tall as it looks in the pics. It measures about 32" to the bottom of the beer holder. I decided on that height so it'd be easy to access while standing at the grill or smoker but you can still get to it if sitting down.

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Robert I was reading this and thought of you:

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Dang Robert that is just cool! Love the nice touch of the nylon feet and end caps just legit!!!!
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Very nice Robert it looks awesome Chis is in for a major upgrade it seems
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