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  1. I picked op a analog mes the other day for $40 but the guy didn't have the cord for it. Can anyone tell me where to get a cor for it or one that will work. Or a mod I can do to it?
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  3. I was gonna say that!!!   I'm sure they have them [​IMG]
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    You can also check out the Smoke Hollow site, ( Outdoor Leisure Products ) in a pinch. They sell the whole element and controller for $49.99. Same basic smoker as the MB analog. Only thing you have then paid $90.00 for a smoker you can sometimes find new on sale for $99.00  to $120.00. Could try this but I can't say it will fit>>.

    But I would probably go with this >>

    Now these options are mostly to simply change out the part if MB doesn't replace the cord. You can also check out yard sales & such for indoor elec grills & fryers, and fry pans & hard wire it your self if necessary depending how good you are with elec.
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  5. Any one know of a replacement that they know will work

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