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Discussion in 'Pork' started by rvachewlover, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. I've got two racks of BB's in the smoker now, 225' for an hour and a half. My temp is reading at 160. Is there any temperature I'm looking for at the 2 hour mark? 4 hr mark? I don't want to over cook them. Am I freaking out about nothing and should just stay the course? Advice is much appreciated. 
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    You are cooking by times just use your clock and they should be fine

  3. Just like Richie said...riding the clock will get you where you wanna be. When smoking baby backs, it is very difficult to get an accurate temp tearing because ALL of the meat is generally too close to a bone. I've never had a bad day with ribs on 2-2-1.
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    RVCL, I've had BB ribs take a bit longer than a 2-2-1 as your temps may fluctuate down,Watch the bones protruding on the ends is another way to check the cooking progress.The further the bone sticks out the closer you get to fall off the bone ribs.
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    If it's a full rack pick it up with tongs about 3-4!bomes in and lift the rack. If it bends 90 degrees you're done. For 2-2-1 ribs I would check them at the 1.5 hour mark in the foil. Un wrap and see how they bend if not enough wrap and let go another 30. The times a a guide not the definitive.

    Personally I cook my ribs straight through no foil. Depending on the meat and put temp they usually take between 4-6 hours.

    Some go by temp and 190 seems to be the prime spot for ribs.
  6. Good stuff, thanks y'all. Looks like I'm in the smoker till 9 or 10. Keep you updated. I just wrapped them in foil; very little pull back and next to no retreat from the bone like CrazyMoon was describing. Thanks for the help!
  7. Good thing I did two racks, family was ready to eat the first one after 2 hour smoke, 2 hour foil (water, butter, rub, and sugar in the foil). I've got the other rack still in the smoker with Barbecue sauce. The first rack wasn't FOTB (as expected) but weren't to much work to get off the bone. Hickory gave it a really good after taste. Happy with my first rib smoke.     
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    Glad to hear it turned out well. In the future you may always use a toothpick to measure tenderness as well. If you have a thermometer, stick it in between the bones right in the meat. 190 to 195 is a good bite tenderness. 195 + is usually fall of the bone. Just my amateur experience.

    Happy smoking! :grilling_smilie:
  9. Thanks for the info jond36, I'm anal about hitting my temps (must be from working in food service[​IMG]) I think the first rack maxed at 178. The ones still in the smoker might get a little higher.
  10. Just took the second rack off. Family thought it was even better then the first one....shocker. I cranked up the heat to 275 for the last 15 minutes of the hour to get the temp up/get a good bark. Hit 198 at the highest. Very very tender with a great retreat from the bone, not quite FOTB though. I think next time I'll give it a little more time in the foil to get them FOTB. Thanks everyone for the advice. 
  11. Everything comes with experience. Eventually, you figure out what works for you and for those you cook for. Not everybody likes FOTB...some say it's the only way to go.
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    After a while( by that I mean multiple rib cooks), and someone will call me crazy, you will be able to smell when pork is done.

    I ditched all foiling and timing long ago. But, I do the same method darn near every time on my UDS so the variables are pretty much gone.

    Do not get me wrong.. I think the 2-2-1 and 3-2-1 are great for making good ribs. I have just found that they can lead to over cooked ribs. Bone pull is another good indicator..
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    195 IT is tender & juicy, 200 IT is FOTB.

    Glad yours turned out well for you.


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