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Sep 8, 2006
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My wife says anything that comes off a grill is considered BBQ... Steak, ribs, etc.

I say that if it's cooked low and slow, that and ONLY that can be considered TRUE BBQ...

I'm right huh?
grilling is high heat for a short time, eg steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs. bbq'ing is low and slow, eg briskets, fatties, etc.
She says all of you are

She's a stubborn lady who will NEVER concede...

I give up! She says smoked meat tastes like burnt wood... I might just have to go find a new woman after hearing those words...
Yeah, that's the way people think around here... they think that just because it came off the grill and is slathered with BBQ sauce, it's BBQ.

It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks!
Putting BBQ Sauce on meat makes a piece of meat "barbecue" about as quick as putting maple syrup on meat makes it a pancake..

Just my opinion of course

The truth of the matter is..

Folks can call barbecue anything they like (that is if they like to be WRONG) however, TRUE barbecue has its history.. and if you do a little research you will find that it is the LOW and SLOW method of cooking over outdoor wood fires and a lot of times in a deep hole in the ground for several days that produces REAL barbecue.
Trade her in my friend ... life is too short!

You can tell her for me, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with grilling ... it is just not BBQing!

There is room for both kinds of outdoor cooking ......
and then there's the argument "is it bar-b-que" or "bar-b-cue". according to the history of bbq on the history channel & bbq contests on vs network & again bbq wars on history channel-bbq is meat cooked low & slow.grilling is short time over higher open flame as chris stated. y'all might want to check out those shows for the history of the que & the 4 unique styles of american bbq.
As for my two cents worth, If I go to a TRUE bbq restaraunt, I cannot buy hotdogs and hamburgers, meduim rare ribeyes, or a T-bone, however I can get pulled pork, ribs, brisket,and anything else slowsmoked. Reguardless if they call them bbq grills or not.

Anyone can grill, but it takes talent to smoke!!!!!
This should settle it (taken from

"With your Hawaiian shirt-wearing neighbors milling around your deck during a Saturday afternoon barbecue, you toss chicken breasts on your barbecue's hot grill, slather them with some of that tangy barbecue sauce and yank them off 15 minutes later. You say you are barbecuing, but here you would be wrong."

"A barbecue can be a backyard event, a cooking appliance and a sauce. Principally, though, it's a process, and it's defined by two elements: smoke and time. What you were doing with those chicken breasts involved neither. You were grilling."

"To barbecue is to suspend meat over long-smoldering coals that broadcast smoke from hardwoods like hickory, oak, alder or cherry. To barbecue is to - in most cases - invest at least an hour in your masterpiece, and sometimes 12 hours or more. And to barbecue is to commune with an age-old American ceremony that nearly matches the diversity of the nation that hatched baseball, rock 'n' roll and Wall Street."
Most off this country sometime after the 50's switched from backyard BBQ pits to backyard grills. The term BBQ followed closely behind. In recent years the cook books writte for the back yard gas and charcoal grill have been re-educating folks to understand that quick cooking on gas and coals is GRILLING and slow cooking over low temperatures is BBQing.

Tell the wife to make a run through the book stores! Sorry Mrs. Redneck this time it's Men 1 women 0.
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