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HELP!!! pulled pork on my big day


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I am getting married next weekend and for some reason thought it would be a good idea if I smoked the meat for the reception.  Now as it gets closer to crunch time I am kind of worried about the reheating process.  I have searched on the forum and found a few ideas but I still need some help!!! I cannot mess this one up!!!  I need to have enough pp for 150 +/-  people so i'm thinking I will start with around 75 pounds of pork.  The wedding is Saturday but I will have to cook on Thursday so my main concern is how to package and reheat it.  

From what I have read I think my best option is to cook, rest, pull, and vacuum seal.  I will not be the one who reheats it and I need it to be fool proof.  I think packing it this way and boiling should be the easiest.  One question I have is can I vacuum seal it directly after pulling it or so does it need to cool.  Should I put a small amount of apple juice and/or rub in with it before sealing? If it is packed 5 pounds at a time how long will it take to warm-up?

Any help answering these questions will be greatly appreciated and if there is a better option for storing and reheating I am definately willing to alter my plans.  



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Smoke it, let it rest and cool for a few hours, then vac seal chunks of it with some sauce/juice. I would not pull it ahead of time, I think this dries it out way too much during the reheat, pull it after the reheat just prior to serving.

I do 30lb - 40lb at a time this way, vac seal about 2lb - 5lb chunks and then freeze them so I have PP whenever the family wants it. It takes about an hour at boil to get the vac sealed chunks up to temp. Then I open the bag, pull it and add some ACV or sauce, and serve. Super easy way of reheating, anyone can boil water and pulling the pork is not too hard either.


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First off Congratulations!

You are pretty spot on for the amount needed. I figure 1/3 pound cooked per person when there are other sides. So after cooking you would need about 50 pounds and I like to figure about 40% loss Just to be safe I'd bump it up another 10 pounds to 85.

You will need to cool it down prior to vac packing.  I do not add any liquid to mine when vac packing. I have never done large packages so I don't know how long they would take. The smaller ones I do take around 5-10 minutes.

If it were me I'd pull it into disposable foil trays or chaffing dishes, cover with foil keep in the fridge. Reheat in a 200º oven. This should take a 1 1/2 -2 hours and way easier to direct others how to do. Plus you don't have to worry about another serving dish.

Having just got married I'd say get aome help for this!!!!!! We did everything except the food and I had plenty to do.

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I have never done large amounts but i do freeze it all the time.  For reheating purposes i put some of the juices from the butt itself (fat removed of course) into the PP before adding a bit more rub for extra flavor.  I would say it is pretty hard to mess up the reheating of PP as my wife has gone as far as to nuke it and over nuked it a couple times and it was still fine and juicy.


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Maybe I  read wrong or something but if ya smoking on Thursday and getting hitched on Saturday why freeze IT??  p;ull the meat and park it in a cool spot or fridge and put the sause to it Saturday morning it will be fine and lots easier.

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