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Help (& acceptance)! Brisket...


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My husband bought me the smoker/propane grill I've been coveting for our anniversary. Don't laugh, our kids did. I have the Smoke Hollow 6800, I have an offset charcoal basket & honestly, I love this grill. My issue is that my brisket tasted like corned beef. My husband is an "eater", he isn't in love with the cooking process like I am & he can't taste the difference. It was tender, it pulled apart, exactly as it should but like I said, reminded me more of corned beef than a good Texas style BBQ. I used a 4 pound flat brisket, easily found in our Bay Area of California. 

Our eldest is coming home for Christmas & I'm considering doing a standing rib roast but since his friends always come over, I can actually use a full packer brisket, if I cook it then (our 4 still at home appreciate the sandwiches in their school lunches but it's not the same satisfying feel of putting that big, excellently cooked chunk of meat on the table!), it'll be eaten.

Please help, I love corned beef but I also love a good BBQ brisket. I used a bourbon soak, overnight, on my brisket & then a brown sugar rub, kept my 1/4 inch of fat, almost 2 hours with fat side down, flipped over for the last 1 hour 45 minutes, mopped at 3 hours, did a foil wrap & allowed it to rest for 2 hours. Cut after the rest period, against the grain, & it was tender, excellent pull of the fibrous meat but I don't want corned beef taste.

I'm in Silicon Valley in California. Brisket is NOT the King of Meats, tritip is. My selection is limited but if my issue is buying the "corned beef packet included" brisket, then I will go to my local meat locket or charcuterie to obtain a quality piece of meat.

BTW, I'm the team football Mom, a wrestling Mom & baseball Mom, I want to be able to hang with the football Dads, the ones who get to BBQ. Spreading machine heated squeeze cheese on nachos & dispensing  Gatorades is boring.


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If it came with the corned beef seasoning packet I would say that you got a cured flat and that would more than likely explain the corned beef flavor.

Do go look for a full packer brisket. Until you find one, smoke you Tri Tip. They are great smoked.


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Al and DS nailed it.

I am not a brisket fan  especially for the price, but my preferred brisket method is Tangy Tomato Beef Brisket.

To this day I haven't had brisket that matched this recipe.

Anyone can cook a brisket and drown it in their favorite BBQ sauce and call it a day.



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Hello Kimberly Dawn,

First off, welcome to our forums!  As you have likely already discovered, there is a wealth of great information here on all things smoked, grilled, cured, etc.  Congrats on that new smoker/grill!

The guys have already given you excellent advice...I would add only one thing.  You mentioned Texas style BBQ...if your truly want a Texas style brisket, my suggestion is keep it simple.  Most Texas BBQ purists believe that there are only 3 ingredients needed to give a brisket that traditional Texas flavor:  Salt, Pepper, and Smoke.

Good luck with your smoking and grilling journey!  Any time you have questions or need help, you've come to a great place to ask for it!  

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