Hello from Queens

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Original poster
Nov 19, 2013
Long time lurker and just recently joined. Hoping I could learn more about smoking meats. It is a growing hobby of mine since my wife bought me a WSM 3 years ago. I absolutely love to see the faces of guests when they chow down on a perfectly smoked brisket or pork butt. It is not work if you truly enjoy it.

A quick question for all the veterans in this forum. I just happened upon an bone in brisket. This thing weight 27lbs untrimmed. Anyone have any suggestions to smoke this thing?
Thanks in advance for your wisdom.
A Texas Welcome Toolbox  We are happy you are here!  A bone in Brisket... Never seen one of those down here. But I'll bet someone on the forum has smoked one.

Queens is a great place. I'll be at my home office on Northern Blvd this week. b
Interesting cut. If it were me I'd treat it just like any brisket.  Please post your smoke in the Beef area.  Lots of folks will be fascinated with that unusual cut. 

Good luck!  I'll be watching for sure!

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