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I checked out PS Seasonings and saw the reviews on the breakfast sausage. They were very similar to TSM. Cost is close as well. Both sites had a few complaints about too salty, but still many 5 star reviews.

You mentioned that you really like their maple flavor. Have you done their regular breakfast sausage mix (#117)?

Hey Doug. Well, Thanksgiving is over. Hope you and yours had a good one!
I have a question about a Boston Butt my wife picked up at the grocery store. It has a sell by date of 12/5. If I get the cure on it before that date does that negate the sell by date? Hope that makes sense.
Just cure it. With whole muscle, any nasties are going to be on the surface anyhow, so you'll be fine.
Is Chef Jimmie J still with us or has he passed on? I'm getting the impression from what I read that he is no longer with us. If so, do you know who has taken over Food Safety? Backpacker
JJ passed away a few months ago. He has passed his knowledge on to many of us. If you have a food safety question, just post it in the food safety section & we will make sure you get the correct info!