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Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Members Group' started by obie83, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Im a newbie to smoking and was wondering what is a good smoker to start with? Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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    Hello,Obie83 , and welcome to our World...

    A good choice of affordable Smokers can be had at 'Wally World' , just depends on how you want to Smoke .  You can cook direct over the heat (Bullet Looking Brinkman), or use a Side fire Box on a horizontal Smoker .

    Either way is a good learning tool , again , do you want set and forget , or get involved with your cook [​IMG]

    Cruise thru our 'archives' and see what is involved . Personally I am a Wood burner and have a bit larger Smoker ;

    A major investment , but worth every penny...look at my profile pics.....touch my name and enter my domain , not an off forum page , right here.

    Have fun and . . .

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